Living in the Adderall Generation: Part 1

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Emma ’14 first snorted Adderall halfway through sophomore year. A friend took the orange 20-milligram (mg) pill and crushed it into a light powder with the bottom of a mug, before guiding the mass into four equal lines with a credit card and instructing Emma to get a tampon. She removed the applicator and blew her first line, beginning a recreational use that continues to this day.

Pruning 101: Diseased, Dead and Dumb

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The next time you walk by a tree, and a dead branch does not come crashing down, knocking you off your feet, you can thank the College’s Facilities Services Maintenance and Operations.

Students Discuss Righteous Action and Empathy

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On April 2, a motley crew of professors, students and local denizens came together to share in a discussion titled “Acting Righteously in Times of Danger.”

Men’s Lacrosse Turns the Corner

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The Middlebury men’s lacrosse team looks apt to turn around their early-season futility, winning four of the past five games against strong competition.

BiHall Opens New Café Kiosk

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Coffee and snacks are now available for the science buffs on campus thanks to the grand opening of a café kiosk in Bicentennial Hall on Monday, March 31.

Apply to help with MiddView Orientation trips (you get to move in early)

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TONIGHT: Cellist David Finckel and Pianist Wu Han Play ‘Russian Reflections’

[ April 16, 2014; 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. ] (See more videos or performance and instruction on their[...]
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Midd Music Un-Moderated: Bringing in Spring

Welcome to this new segment of middbeat, where we, the fabulous peeps of MMU (Middlebury Musicians United) bring you a playlist every week. To read[...]
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