First-Year Show Considers Changing Role of Techonology


From Oct. 2 to 4, the Theatre Program sponsored the 19th Annual First Years Production: A Cautionary Tale and Others.  Directed by alum Bill Army[...]

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Choir Delivers Passion to La Traviata


On Oct. 3 and 5, the Opera Company of Middlebury (OCM) presented a concert staging of Guiseppe Verdi’s La Traviata at the Town Hall Theater.

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Politics of Power: China’s Greenhouse Gases


In a shocking – though not unforeseen – development, China has recently surpassed the European Union in greenhouse gas emissions per capita. This means that[...]

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The Reel Critic: Stories We Tell


Why do we tell stories? How do we tell stories? How do the stories we tell shape our identity? These are the questions at the[...]

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