Dance Spotlight: Fall Dance Concert

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The 2014 Fall Dance Concert on Friday, Nov. 21 in the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts Dance Theatre was well worth an hour of my Friday night. Featuring works by senior dance majors Doug LeCours ’15, Afi Yellow-Duke ’15, Stevie Durocher ’15.5, Sarae Snyder ’15 and Artist-in-Residence Scotty Hardwig, it questioned my previously held notions of what dance is or isn’t.

Play Exposes the Vampire in All of Us


On Nov. 20 to 22, the Theatre Department presented its second faculty production of the semester, Englishman Snoo Wilson’s 1973 play, Vampire, in the Seeler Studio Theater.

Vampire is a play about … well, no one really knows. And indeed, after an hour and a half of brash sexual exploration, one very unexpected satanic baby birthed by Mary (yes, that Mary), a terribly profane talking ox, fights between Karl Jung and Sigmund Freud, a maniacally laughing Charles Dickens and two biker boys in underwear, the majority of the audience walked away from the play with at least one brow raised – or, more likely, furrowed. Forget linear plotting and traditional character development – Vampire spans three time periods and locations, moving from 19th century Wales to World War I era England to a rebellious biker group in 1960’s London.

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Protocol Finds Dark and Light in Suicide


The terms “suicide” and “comedy” generally do not go well together, but Protocol, an entirely student-produced play that ran in the Hepburn Zoo from Nov. 20-22, managed to merge these two themes beautifully.

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Performing Arts Series Spotlight: Sophie Shao


If you ask a student what they are doing at 8 p.m. on a Friday night, you’d probably expect to hear about parties and relaxing[...]

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The Reel Critic: Foxcatcher


Director Bennett Miller’s third narrative feature, Foxcatcher (2014), employs a similar formula to his previous two, Capote (2005) and Moneyball (2011), which explore a real-life[...]

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Booking It: Elizabeth I


Margaret George does not shy away from historical giants. The Elizabethan period was rich with these giants in politics, literature, philosophy and science. George tackles[...]

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