‘Clockwork Orange’ Thrills and Disturbs

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On April 10-12, the Middlebury Theatre and Dance departments presented A Clockwork Orange in Wright Memorial Theater.

Students Practice Comedy With Molière


A group of 11 students have been combining the rigorous time commitments of staging a theatrical production with the unique challenges of acquiring a new[...]

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Middlebury Parent Talks About Gravity Wave Discovery


Regardless of your scientific background, you’ve probably heard of the Big Bang. Approximately 13.7 billion years ago, all of the energy in the Universe was[...]

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Science Spotlight: BiHall’s New Telescope Operator


When I tell people I go to Middlebury, the second most frequent question I’m asked, after “Where is that?” is, in its blunt variation, “Why[...]

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One Life Left: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


I had tracked the dragon all the way to the outskirts of the Volcano, and now it was time for our final showdown. Sulfurous fumes[...]

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