J-Term Musical Celebrates 10 Years


Few Winter Term traditions enjoy as much student and community popularity as the J-term musical, started a decade ago by Town Hall Theatre (THT) Executive[...]

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Technology is Driving Mike Daisey


In a society dominated by technology, it is oftentimes difficult to distinguish between what is possible and what is necessary. Critically-acclaimed monologist Mike Daisey brought[...]

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Dumb Waiter Plays on More than Words


There are few better or more interesting ways of dealing with Harold Pinter’s work than handing it over to a group of improv comedians. The[...]

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Science Spotlight: Microgrid Course


J-term is generally recognized as a time for intensive academic exploration of typically non-traditional subjects, and the unique format of the four-week semester allows for[...]

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Booking It: His Majesty’s Dragon


Who doesn’t love dragons? (Well, apart from Bilbo Baggins.) Naomi Novik’s rich and exciting Temeraire series is, at first, a basic concept. She writes about[...]

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Politics of Power: Keystone XL Pipeline


“On Tuesday, January 13, about 45 people gathered in front of Mead Chapel for a ‘rejection rally’ against the Keystone XL pipeline, joining over 130[...]

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