T-Pain Delivers Nostalgia, Celebration


Cue early high school nostalgia, when Akon was a thing and pool parties were inevitably sound-tracked by “I’m on a Boat,” which, incidentally, T-Pain didn’t perform (much to everyone’s dismay).

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Next to Normal Shows Path to Healing


Mental illness is a difficult and messy ordeal. Addressing it can be heartbreaking, controversial and immensely uncomfortable. Next to Normal dared to tackle the complicated[…]

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Bach Festival Commemorates Five Years


The Middlebury Bach Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary April 24-26 with an original and exciting presentation of musical ensembles and styles celebrating the life and[…]

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Arts Spotlight: Performing Arts Series


This Friday, Miguel Castillo ’17.5 and Lorena Neira ’17 use simple, deliberate movements to enact a wordless drama that evokes some of the universal truth[…]

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One Life Left: Hotline Miami 2


Alright. Four guards patrolling the room to the right, one guard in an alcove to the left. Shoot forward and they’ll all come running. But[…]

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