NARPs: Mastering the Art of “Self-DeFence”

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Before we officially commence our column, we want to let you all know that we are aware that many of our NARP activities involve self-defense,[…]

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Great Sexpectations: “Can I Take This Off?”


I had met him at the beginning of the summer and could tell very quickly that he was different. Since then, we’d worked alongside one[…]

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Dain McKee: the Key to Athletics’ Communications


Most of us have been on the Athletic department website at one time or another, maybe to check on your favorite team’s progress, or maybe[…]

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Alumni Keynote Speaker Brings A Global Education Perspective to Life


“The more we understand the world, the more voice we have in shaping it.” These were the words of a young student of Kevin Murungi[…]

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In-Queer-Y: On Queer Faces of Middlebury

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After putting up an exhibit called Queer Faces of Middlebury in the McCullough Center Gallery, I noticed that the word “queer” turned some people off[…]

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Davis United World College Scholars Share Dissatisfaction at 15th Anniversary


Students in the Davis United World College Program, representing as many as 60 countries, will gather in Wilson Hall today.

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