A Very American Enterprise Takes on Divided Government


Last Saturday, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) of Middlebury held a policy conference on divided government. AEI is a new club at Middlebury based on[...]

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Allison Caroll Brings Talent From Far and Away


For 95 years, the Middlebury Performing Arts Series has brought world-class performers inside the “Middlebury bubble.” The series has showcased Yo-Yo Ma, Louis Armstrong, the[...]

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Sexscapades with Abstinence and Poop


The discussion of abstinence in church youth group filled my mind with scenes from “Footloose,” with conservative pastors and teachers telling me that sex is[...]

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Woolf gets Crafty with Beer and Cider


Last summer, Abby Woolf ’17.5 came across a book about winemaking and decided to buy it on a whim, thinking it might be a new[...]

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Academia for the Masses: Midd Sociology Launches Podcast


Images have largely replaced sound in today’s media. In fact, we are so used to pictures accompanying sound that it’s strange just to listen to[...]

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NARPs: Tackling Brazilian Martial Arts

by and

To be very straightforward, we decided to do capoeira this week because we wanted to learn how to beat people up. As trendy girls living[...]

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The Campus Voice: Fate of Honor Code

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“We [the SGA] think that having an ‘eliminate it’ option—we don’t think that will pass—but we think it will scare enough people into thinking about[...]

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