The Campus Voice: Middlebury on Ferguson, Racism, and the Town Vigil


This week, the Campus Voice discusses Ferguson and the grand jury’s decision that offset the wave of anger reverberating across the nation. Plus, we take a hard look at racism among the student community at Middlebury.

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Food Served on Silver Platters


Students returned from Thanksgiving Break to new and improved dining halls. All three — Ross, Proctor and Atwater — received a makeover with new features[...]

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Perspective From Abroad: Media Sensationalism and Ebola


The Ebola virus outbreak that is currently plaguing Western Africa has dominated international headlines since the first deaths were officially confirmed in March this year.[...]

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SWL: More Than Free Finals Snacks


Many students are presently surprised during finals to find free snacks in BiHall and Davis Library, but few know the source. So who provides these[...]

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If my sexuality and race were their own person, my sexuality would walk straight out of the room at the sight of my race and[...]

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