Local Family Donates Runaway Slave Letters


Less than a half hour’s drive from the College is an enchanting farmhouse-turned-museum called Rokeby that was once the home of the Robinson family who profoundly influenced Vermont and American history.

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How is it Still a (Midd) Thing?


It’s Sunday and you decide that you’ve probably watched one too many episodes of Netflix and need to get some actual work done. If you[…]

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Beyond Body Image Issues: 2015 Clifford Symposium Re-Defines “The ‘Good’ Body”


“What is a good body? Is it thin? Is a race? Is religion attached to it?”

barak adé Soleil

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Go/Doe, Students Protest Against John Doe’s Return


“The John Doe case does a really interesting thing because it allows us to consider campus sexual assault without necessarily having to worry about the impact [on] the survivor because the survivor isn’t on this campus.”

Founder of go/doe link

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