A Month in the Life of Linens: Lee’s Launderings

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Cindy Lee wakes up at 3:15 a.m. five days a week and drives 45 minutes to work at the laundry room in Freeman International Center (FIC). Around 9:30 a.m. the truck arrives full with bags of dirty laundry from the three dining halls and any other catered events on campus.

Dating, Dining and Dashing


I hoped to close this dating column with a feel-good end, a second date. Instead, I have a more upstanding finish — complete rejection. Darlene*[...]

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Midd Cycling Finishes Strong at Nationals


Last weekend, five members of the Middlebury Cycling Team traveled to Richmond, Virginia to the Cycling National Championships. Without a coach, Zack Isaacs ’15.5, Jake[...]

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Vibrators Generate New Buzz


At intermission of the opening night of “In the Next Room” (or “The Vibrator Play”), the audience of the packed Seeler Studio Theater collectively sighed[...]

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The Secret Life of NARPs

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What would have been our last week of training was instead spent recovering in bed and wallowing in Adam Levine’s new hair color. Reminders of[...]

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The Boiling Point

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Nail biting. Isolation. Tiredness. Irritability. Anxiety. These are all ways to tell when you’ve reached the boiling point. As most students have probably experienced, stress[...]

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