New Aviation Club Takes Off for the Skies


Caroline Cating ’16.5 and Jason Feinman ’15 love to fly. Procuring their pilot licenses at ages 19 and 17, respectively, Cating and Feinman have become familiar with the Vermont aviation community.

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In-Queer-Y: Reflecting on the HIV/AIDS Crisis of the 80’s

by and

Thursday through Saturday there’s going to be a performance of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner in the Hepburn Zoo. It’s a very[…]

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Cleaning Up Our Mess(ag)es


Middlebury’s campus is fairly outspoken about a number of issues, both on campus and in the world beyond.  Recently, some of the methods used to[…]

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Ridgeline Community Treehouse Approved


Imagine looking out past the forest canopy onto the distant Adirondacks, the pink glow of the sunset spilling through their peaks. Imagine being suspended fifteen[…]

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Nothing Dry about the Murray Dry Experience


Wide-eyed  and  tight-lipped, students  sit  facing  the  podium  in  the  Warner  Hemicycle. The class will continue its discussion of Plato’s Republic today. As Charles A.[…]

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Dear Frank: How To Say No to Commitments


Dear Frank, I’m on an advisory committee for an issue that excited me several months ago, but after several meetings of being ignored, I’m no[…]

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Full Speed Ahead: President Ron Takes the Wheel


Do you beliebowitz? (I shall not shorten this to belieb because this column does not associate with overgrown babies who stage instagram videos of their[…]

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