Peter Fried Art Gallery Opens in Vergennes


As of this Friday, in addition to delicious pastries, a visit to the town of Vergennes can include a perusal of the town’s newest art[…]

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The Dream Bus: Local Roots, Big Impact


Having received grant money from MiddChallenge and the Future Project, the Dream Bus, which will be constructed as a mobile classroom, will stop in 12 cities at various high schools and community centers.

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Spamalot Plays in Middlebury


On Sunday, May 3, the Community Theater’s version of Spamalot came to a close. The show had been running since April 23 at 8 p.m.[…]

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Announces Bid for Democratic Presidential Nomination


Last Thursday, US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced that he would run for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. He will be challenging former Secretary[…]

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