Community Council Update


On Monday April 27, Community Council continued discussing security cameras, a controversial topic that was the subject of some of the graffiti that appeared on[…]

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Vandalism Raises Controversy On Campus


As the latest addition to the wave of graffiti found across campus, more spray-painted words, stenciled images, and stickers were found on the Ross complex,[…]

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Gratch Elected SGA President


Following a voting period that saw the highest level of voter participation in recent years, Ilana Gratch ’16.5 was elected President of the Student Government[…]

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The Exit Interview, Part Two: A Final Word with Liebowitz


The Middlebury Campus previously sat down with College President Ronald D. Liebowitz in the fall to discuss his time at the College. This is the second and final installment of the conversation, which took place prior to and after the announcement of Laurie L. Patton as the College’s 17th President.

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Student Stress, Anxiety Sparks Conversation

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A faculty meeting was held on Tuesday, April 28 to address heightened student stress as the semester comes to a close. Out of what some[…]

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