Living In the Adderall Generation: Part 2

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If you wanted to get an Adderall prescription written for you while at the College, you would need to go through a person like Dr. John Young, who works at the Counseling Service of Addison County. He is the consulting psychiatrist for the College and is on the front lines of the complex issue of prescribing psychostimulants.

Faculty Reject Internship Credit


The faculty rejected internships for credit by a 53-48 vote on Monday, April 7. A more general “Summer Study Proposal” was passed at the same[...]

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Advising Under Review


The Educational Affairs Committee (EAC) has been presented with a series of recommendations compiled by an ad hoc committee to reform the First Year Seminar[...]

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New Social House to Fill Prescott


The Community Council and President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz have approved a proposal for a new social house on campus located in Prescott[...]

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From The President’s Desk


In the past few weeks, students have helped the SGA fulfill its mission — to serve students! As we returned from Spring Break, MiddCourses, a[...]

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Bikeshare Program Rolls Out


The College bike shop introduced a new bikeshare program giving students, faculty and staff the opportunity to borrow bikes for up to a day from[...]

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Students Share Body Image Tales


What began as submitted responses to an article on Middbeat regarding body image at the College has now evolved into a campus-wide storytelling event. Spearheaded[...]

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