Funding for Bunker Events Approved


President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz presented the Student Government Association (SGA) with $10,000 for student-hosted events in the Bunker at the beginning of[...]

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MCSE Symposium Covers Global Health


The Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship (MCSE) will bring together members of the College community, the town of Middlebury and key players in the world[...]

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College Celebrates Alumni of Color


Alumni gathered on campus last weekend for the first Alumni of Color Weekend in almost 10 years, and discussed the history of student-of-color organizations on campus, as well as the future of students of color on campus.

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Climate Action Group Reunites


On Jan. 17, alumni from the Sunday Night Group (SNG) and held a ten-year anniversary reunion for the conference “What Works? New Strategies for[...]

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