Wake Up and Smell the (Fair Trade, Organic) Coffee!

by and

Since returning for J-term you might have noticed that your dining hall coffee is better than usual. But you may not know just how much[…]

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A Call for Allyship


Dear Middlebury Community, Through this letter I want to address a previous op-ed named “Letter to the Middlebury Community.” I would like to thank the[…]

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Middlebury is Not a Charity


“Middlebury is not a charity.” Critics of Go/Refuge, the movement for the College to take an active role in the world refugee crisis, have presented[…]

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Go/refuge: The Syrian Academic Emergency


In the midst of a refugee crisis, driven in large part by turmoil and civil war in Syria, the provision of safety, food and shelter[…]

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J-term: Not Just Play-term


With J-Term more than halfway over, many of us have accomplished a great deal: we have plowed through new Netflix series (Making a Murderer, anyone?!),[…]

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