Look Before You Leap: A Response to “It’s Actually Just a Game”


I am Jake Nidenberg, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. and a junior here at Middlebury College. I am a declared Mathematics and Economics double major[...]

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At the Gun Range


My family members have never been “gun people.” Nobody has ever owned one; it is doubtful any of us could tell you how to load[...]

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Election 2016: An Outlook


Tuesday night, Barak Obama gave his penultimate state of the union address. The Obama administration is almost over, and the 2016 elections are coming up.[...]

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Reading Davis Family Library


The purpose a building serves is generally quite clear from the moment one enters it. The vacuum-sealed doors and laboratories of Bi-Hall denote science education,[...]

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The Middlebury Seal: Here To Stay


To the Editor: In the two weeks since Middlebury announced its new identity system, I’ve heard from several students and alumni who said they were[...]

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Divestment Politics 101


We all know fossil fuels are contributing to Climate Change, but do you know how much power they hold in Washington?

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It’s Actually Just a Game

by and

At Middlebury, we claim to prioritize balance. Students here are not only students, but also actors, journalists, artists, unicyclists, and of course, athletes. But not[...]

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‘Fiscal’ Education Credits


Of all the ways to divide a student body, Middlebury often finds itself separated into two camps: athletes and NARPs (non-athletic regular person). Student culture[...]

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