Vote No on Apathy

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We fully support Taylor for President and encourage everyone to vote for him and to vote generally in the SGA elections. But what does it say about the SGA and about the student body that only one person is interested in running?

A Call for Compromise


53 weeks ago Congress failed the people it swore to protect. It was then that, in pathetically predictable fashion, Congressional leaders couldn’t muster the strength[...]

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No Thank You for Smoking


I love to leave my window open in my room. The cool breeze, the smell of the trees and the rain, and the soft white[...]

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Imagining Our Multicultural Center


Exactly a week ago, PALANA house hosted PALANA Uncensored: “Multicultural Center or nah?,” a discussion in the Hillcrest Orchard. (This event is related to and[...]

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Prince Among Peasants or Prince Among Kings?


“Sort of going off that point, well not really, but in relation to that, based on what Kant would say, not me, but if we[...]

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“Read Books Written By Those You Disagree With”


I am a student in Professor Dry’s Race, Sex and the Constitution course and for my presentation at the Spring Student Symposium reading a paper[...]

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