9/11 Memorial Uprooted in Midday Protest

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Two of five unidentified protestors uproot flags dedicated to the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks in a midday protest. (middbeat/Rachel Kogan)

A 2,977 flag memorial was ripped out of the ground in front of Mead Memorial Chapel shortly before 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 11 by a group of five protestors claiming that the flags were on top of a sacred Abenaki burial site.

The flags — meant to commemorate each of the 2,977 lives taken in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks — have been posted in the grass between Mead Chapel and the Davis Family Library annually in a joint effort between the College Republicans and Democrats for nearly 10 years.

Ben Kinney ’15, president of the College Republicans, spent two hours putting the flags outside of Mead Chapel on Tuesday night, and happened to be walking up the hill towards the chapel when he saw four females and one male stuffing the miniature flags into black trash bags.

“I got there just as they were taking the very last of them out of the ground and putting them in piles,” he said. “At first, I the group was comprised of College Democrats helping put the flags away before the rain rolled in, but then I realized what they were doing.”

Kinney said the protestors told him they were “confiscating” the flags in protest of “America’s imperialism.”

Julia Madden ’14, was walking back from Proctor when she saw the five people uprooting the flags.

“I was just getting out of class, but when I saw what they were doing I decided to say something,” she said. “They were quickly putting them into two big plastic trash bags. I’m mad at myself for not being more aggressive. I was just dumbfounded.”

There was no discussion. No compromise. We asked if we could put them somewhere else, but they wouldn’t listen.”

Sasha Schell ’15 also walked by the protest.

“I was thinking to myself ‘why are people cleaning them up now and why are they doing it in such a hurried and haphazard manner?’ I went up and asked them what they were doing. They said ‘this is an Indian burial ground and you can’t have anything penetrating the earth.’”

“It is really disrespectful to our community. It is disrespectful to the firefighters who went into the towers to save people. Most of all, it is disrespectful to anybody who lost somebody on that day,” he said. “It was completely out of line for anybody to come remove those flags. This is a travesty.”

Kinney, who said he received permission to erect the memorial from Associate Dean of Students for Student Activities & Orientation JJ Boggs, said he had never seen protests against the yearly memorial during his time at the College.

“You can’t say that one death is more legitimate to commemorate than another,” he said.

Additional Reporting by ZACH DRENNEN

  • koam

    Which faculty members who teach such “activism” were behind this? Will the students be submitting their accounts of this “protest” as their term project?

    • phil.christe@yahoo.com

      I have to wonder which is the one “academic” class these five MORONS take together. Therein one will find a well-paid PhD-type egging them on.

    • koam

      If anyone knows or can surmise from her social media, Google searches, midd go searches, which professors have taught this student?

      • Midd Student

        Why blame the professors? There was one middlebury sophomore involved and the rest were VT residents who are not associated with the college

        • bostonmaggie

          Really? Only one was a student? The gall! I hope the others are charged with trespass as well. I don’t care what your politics, 9/11 memorials are about those that died. The dead compromised Democrats and Republicans and Independents and apolitical people..

  • nyc

    This is disgusting and so upsetting. I hope these students are expelled.

    • Mari Quinn

      18 USC § 700 – Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/700

      • Eric

        Read Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989). I’m not saying that what these protesters did was right, but it’s protected speech under the First Amendment to desecrate the American flag.

        • tommy2truth

          Protests > Private Property…

          • Turtles

            Go invade some private homes as a “protest” and put your legal knowledge to the test.

        • James W.

          stealing is not a right though

        • bostonmaggie

          I understand agree with the free speech protected in Texas v Johnson. If a person wants to purchase or legally obtain an American flag and then use it in their protest, that’s one thing. However, in this case, they are stealing, trespassing & interfering with the free speech of others. No one person’s right to free speech trumps another persons. The students who planted the flags had their rights abridged.

          • ew_3

            Not sure about Texas v Johnson. While it can be argued it’s free speech it borders on hate speech. Some of us take the care of the US flag very seriously. Just ask members of the Marine Corps. That wasn’t a white flag they raised of Iwo Jima.
            It’s ok for them to try to do this, but I think they should try it on Silver Strand Blvd, right outside the gates of the Naval Amphib Base home to the West Coast SEAL teams or outside the gates of Camp Lejeune. Or better, try that in front of a firehouse in lower Manhattan.

          • bostonmaggie

            I’m definitely not a person who would ever desecrate an American flag. i get your feelings. Nothing moves me so much as the Navy ceremony “The Flag”. Also, nothing fills my heart so much as morning colors for USS Constitution in the Charlestown Navy Yard. My point is only that, regardless of your feelings on that court decision, it does not apply in this case. Many comments have talked about the mishandling as a crime (in my heart it is).and others have countered with the free speech issue. I am pointing out that by stealing the flags of others, it is not a free speech issue.
            My grandfather’s brother Dan was KIA on Iwo Jima 5MAR45. The five brothers who survived the war made sure I understood everything you write. My cousin Dan has his granduncle’s Purple Heart.

        • ekaneti

          Theft of private property is not protected speech

  • graduate

    Generational gap. These kids don’t remember experiencing 9/11 first hand.

    • Halli

      Certainly seems that way. I was on campus on 9/11 and this makes me sick.

      • mike

        Should just pummel these kids but you’d get suspended for doing that…such a joke

    • ’16

      Yeah we do. everyone here does.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charlie-Rice/1410235596 Charlie Rice

        you were prb 6

        • Zach Drennen

          Exactly. So imagine your innocence shattering as a six year old. Or an eleven year old in my case. September 11 was an emotional and powerful event for everyone alive on that day.

  • spike

    Disgraceful. Regardless of the politics surrounding 9/11, this is a memorial to the dead of that day, many of whom had links with Middlebury. These hyperventilating, arrogant individuals have defiled a memorial honoring the fallen, which is far worse than whatever contrived grievance they’ve used to justify rooting up the flags.

    • bruic

      What politics? The United States was attacked on 11 Sept., 2001 in an apolitical and murderous, suicidal move to protest the success of western culture by religious zealots.

      • Merlinmajic

        Agree, what has politics got to do with 9/11. Well there are the “truthers” who don’t believe that planes crashed into the Pentagon. They think it was all a government conspiracy and that government operatives blew up the building!

      • John Fowler

        Apparently it was political to the hippies stealing the flags because of “American imperialism.” Of course, most normal Americans are unified in their sorrow for those that were effected by that tragedy.

  • Jon Isham

    I have written this letter to the Addison Independent: “The Middlebury College community should condemn with one voice today’s desecration by several individuals of the Mead Chapel flag memorial, which was created by College Republicans and Democrats in honor of those lost on 9/11. In the hours after this act of desecration, the Middlebury Campus has reported that five protestors placed the 2977 miniature flags into black trash bags. No cause, no fight for social justice, no thirst to right past wrongs can justify such a callous, thoughtless act. Shame on these perpetrators. May the college identity them and hold them responsible, with vigor and moral authority.”

    • koam
      • koam

        This article isn’t “extreme right-wing.”

        • Bawbb

          Well, at least you made sure to clarify that at least one was not. Big ups.

        • Ascencion Gomez

          No, it isn’t right-wing at all…It points to the so called tolerant who are actually intolerant. I’m wonder if anyone would have pick up rainbow flags after the S.C. ruling on gay marriage…

    • koam
    • koam
      • Bawbb

        I don’t see how posting extreme right-wing articles having anything to do with this, but proceed with the trolling, it’s your 1st Amendment right.

        • koam

          Van Jones is lauded as a hero at Midd. He spoke out the day after 9/11.

          • Bawbb

            I don’t remember a statue of Van Jones being erected when I went there. Still want to continue generalizing about Middlebury? Perhaps, you should get a job instead.

          • koam

            I’d never heard of Jones before attending seminars at Midd where he is presented as a heroic figure and close friend of Midd activists. His glamorous photos and videos, protected on the big screens on campus area were met with audible, gleeful sighs of adulation and adoration by students, faculty, professional activists, etc. To be clear, I’d never heard of him until I went to these symposia, colloquia, etc. at Midd. I had nothing against him. It was before Obama’s nomination. Jones wasn’t yet a very famous person outside of the world of activism. His pre-national-fame videos and writings sleek for themselves, as do Midd profs’ adoration of him.

        • Brad dayag

          How magnanimous of you!

          • MM


        • D.I.

          Your logic, education and parentage are impeccably beyond reproach.

    • Pier LaFarge

      Hear, hear!

    • Maritimer1

      The people responsible should be banned from campus. I don’t know if there is any law they could be charged under but, if there is, I hope they are.

      • Merlinmajic

        Depending upon what they did with the flags it could be considered theft or destruction of private property. It could also be considered a hate crime and perhaps we should have Eric Holder come and investigate.

        • James W.

          its definitely theft. but is the school going to do anything to the people who picked them up and stole them

          • gatorbait51

            Probably not. It’s that academic freedom, free speech, we know our rights thing.

            Notice how this has steamrolled sine 2009?

        • J.p. Ladue

          “It could also be considered a hate crime and perhaps we should have Eric Holder come and investigate.”

          My sarcasm filter might not be working. Are you really seriously suggesting that this is a hate crime?

          • lorenpiller

            It is sarcasm, rest assured. I am disappointed no one tried to physically stop these people. Your generation better start enlisting in the Army to learn what action really means.

          • elle

            Someone did try to physically stop them. They refused and stole the bags of flags anyway.

          • LT B

            Then they did not REALLY try to stop them. They talked to them.

          • J.p. Ladue

            My generation? Just how old do you think I am?

          • Turtles

            Someone tried, this was their reaction to someone asking them to stop:

            “we put them away in black garbage bags and i was confronted by a nationalistic-settler, a young white boy who attends the college demanding i relinquish the flags to him. i held my ground and confiscated them. i did not want to cave to his support of the occupying, settler-colonial, imperalist state, and the endorsing of the genocide of indigenous peoples across the world.”

            Someone tried to stop them and the protesters/hipsters/whatever basically called him a genocidal Nazi for trying.

            That person could have gotten physical, but that would have been exactly what the protesters wanted, an excuse to become victims.

          • JeromeD

            Read up on that. At first, I was convinced it was someone pretending to be the flag-taker and having a huge lark at the expense of a gullible media. I mean, seriously, listen to some of this:

            “. . .i walked across this campus whose stone wall structures weigh heavy on the landscape. the history of eugenics, genocide and colonial violence permeate that space so fully like a ghost everywhere descending. it was my understanding that this site is occupying an abenaki burial ground; a sacred site.”

            “. . . my natural disdain for the occupying colonial state came to surface, in the quickest moment of decision making, in my heart, i understood that lands where our dead lay must not be desecrated.”

            I mean, really, this sounded like someone from reddit or the onion having a go at the press. Really amping up a crazy-sounding caricature of a loon.

            …but I kept reading, and sure enough, this IS an actual student there, and she’s (apparently) serious.

            Well, at least, she SAYS she is. I think we should help her in her quest to disconnect from “western imperialism.”
            First, that language of hers has GOT to go. English was used by…oh god…the English! We’re talking imperialism professionals. No; she must only communicate in her native tongue. If she doesn’t know it, perhaps a local can teach her…because she can’t stay in her apartment anymore. I mean, those have running water! Air Conditioning! Electricity! All those evil, imperialist things. Heck, there’s a rental agreement, even! We all know that you can’t “own” land; it comes from the wolf spirit or something. So yeah, let’s just drop her on a reservation and she can take up basket-weaving or die at the old, full age of 28 without proper medical care in the pre-imperialist paradise she wants.

            Absolute idiot. If it weren’t Yom Kippur this post would be nothing but expletives. As it stands now I’m already pretty much breaking a lot of rules, out of frustration with this airhead.

          • Dr_ML_Shanks

            I’d observe that 13 VSA § 4954
            provides for warrantless arrests by private citizens for felonies. Theft of goods valued at more than $900 *is* felony grand theft in VT, which means that anyone observing it can take those engaging in this behavior into custody pending the arrival of the police. Even if those flags were not worth $900, the unauthorized taking certainly warranted a call to the local police for petty theft.

          • Kathy Parsons

            If Merlin isn’t, I am.

          • Christopher A. Milliken

            Yes, it is. Against “American imperialism”. Against Americans. The “protestors” words not mine. It is crystal clear.

          • Glenda LaHaye

            When the persons in question openly did so because it was a memorial placed by “settlers” (ie: non Native Americans) and stated as much, yes. It could be considered a racially motivated hate crime.

          • Merlinmajic

            Yes, I was being sarcastic, but with Eric Holder’s Justice Department one never knows when they may get involved…LOL!

          • Johnny Alpha

            If 3000 Native American flags or symbols were yanked out of the ground by a bunch of frat boys it would most certainly be hate crime, so why not this? Hate goes both ways.

          • brad hart

            Eric Holder? LOL the most misguided and distrusted attorney general in years.

          • J.p. Ladue

            At least he’s throwing us some kind of bones on marijuana.

        • WrinkledThought

          So I pose this question to those William Penn “Professors” and others out there that are like these students. Based on their definition/accusation of American “Imperialism” against those who did not vote for HObama, does that make them and their leftist academic ilk “closet racists” because they will not vote for conservative values as espoused by Allen West?

          Just saying……….

      • James W.

        it is theft

      • J.p. Ladue

        I’m sure there are laws that protect the vandalism of memorials, but unless it’s a properly sanctioned memorial, I doubt anything will happen to these people.

    • Jack Maverick

      Good for you – I applaud your initiative in taking the time to do that.

  • Midd alum ’91

    I could not agree more with Jon Isham. By holding them responsible, they need to learn by the same methods of their protest: shock value. I hope they are not on campus for at least a semester to allow them to think more about this and what it means to trample and trivialize the memories of decent, innocent people for, yes, shock value. Problem is, a suspension will probably only given them more time to think up their next shock value protest. Very sad these students are so, so selfish.

    • John Greer

      they should be removed from school forfeit there admittance fee and not allowed to return to this school again. they have disgraced the school the state and if they are truly first nation there for fathers

    • JettieG

      And make them do community service besides getting jobs.

  • Bill – Proctor, VT

    The college reaction to this thoughtless, misplaced action should be harsh, permanent and swift.

  • Dennis Davis

    So were they
    protesting the tribute to 9/11 lives lost or to the fact that a burial ground wasn’t supposed to have anything penetrating the ground?

    • rcs

      I wonder how many squirrels, as they unwittingly perform their ritual of acorn burying, have been innocently executed or evicted by this crack team (of liberal losers) for desecrating this sacred ground.

  • Reagangirl

    Reverence, tradition, patriotism are all mocked by professors in colleges and universities and in pop culture. This is just another symptom of our ongoing moral meltdown.

    • Bawbb

      I know, higher education should just be blamed for everything, including not being able to enlighten obnoxious nitwits such as yourself. If you’re going to add something to this potent debate, please make it cogent and not use talking point words like “tradition” and “patriotism” to make it as if you actually have a point. You have no point and are here to simply shame without a solid argument. You’re insulting even those who put up the flags, the patriots who attend this college.

      • Spartican

        Gee, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands. Why don’t you try to find something constructive to do?

        • Bawbb

          Gee, perhaps I can take the day off and work from home and still find the time to defend my education from schmucks such as yourself. FYI, I can bet on it I make more money than you while I sit at home and do this and who do I have to thank? Why, my alma mater, Middlebury College.

      • Ascencion Gomez

        I didn’t pick from her statement that higher education is blamed…It seems that she was saying “professors in colleges/universities and the pop culture are the blame. Higher education may be forum that houses
        the professors who are the catalysis that promotes brassily stupid activities (of the five students). However, I believe it is the gross misreading and
        interpreting of her post that is insulting…or your unsuccessful attempt to pass yourself off as a comedian or intellectual. I assume a Middlebury
        graduate…if so you witty comments aren’t helping the cause of Middlebury being a serious college…at least not from the department you attended…

        • Bawbb

          No, no, I think you are the one who grossly misinterpreted everything. Where does it say that what the activists did is attributed to professors from the college? What she said was a completely blanket statement and I’m not surprised that it’s coming from such a person with a name like “Reagangirl,” a clear right wing advocate that is unjustly generalizing everything. She’s raging against the college and university system which is in no way to blame for the actions of couple of students and outside people not associated with the school. She and you are also completely ignoring the actions of the many other students (Dems and Repubs) who took the time to plant the flags together and then REPLANT them. Those students are from this same system you and her are railing against.

          • Lord Vego

            So you refute her argument by pointing out the cooperation between Dem and Repub student organizations ( Congress, see it’s possible)? How exactly does that counter the assertion that a professor is likely at the heart of this? Arguing that there isn’t a culture of extreme progressive liberalism is laughable. I see that you don’t want anyone to talk bad about you Alma mater, but maybe you should control that childish knee jerk and open your eyes a little.

    • TestSalad

      You mad!!

    • ben

      where’s your reverence for the traditions of the people who lived here before our ancestors ran them off and killed them, eh?

      • Art

        Don’t pretend this was done on behalf of the people who lived here before our ancestors because they would despise what these children did, just as their descendants do despise it.

        • Lord Vego

          What? Could you be a little more cogent? Your statement makes no sense

  • NJMidd alum, parent Midd ’14

    This is unacceptable and shameful behavior. These students do not deserve to go to Middlebury and should be held accountable for this despicable and disrespectful act. Their young age is no excuse for their actions. They should remember quite clearly that horrible day. I know my Midd senior remembers being picked up from school in a panic on what started to be a serene and cloudless morning. We wondered if his father was alive and would make it home. All communication was down, all transportation halted. Citizens/employees of NYC, their families outside of the city and across the country were frenetic in their attempts to get information. Fortunately my husband got out. He was a lucky one. Our family had a tearful and shaky reunion late at night on 9/11 that none of us will ever forget. The sister of our neighbor was not a lucky one on 9/11. We honor her, and pray for her children, family, and friends that she left behind. As a family, and as a nation, 9/11 changed us all, young and old. More than ever before, we honor and respect all who lost their lives, we honor the brave who protect us daily at all costs, we honor our freedom. We are patriots always in our thoughts, actions and words.

  • Steve

    this would happen at middlebury

  • http://teresainfortworth.wordpress.com/ Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

    No doubt these young people are quite proud of themselves for having done this. So proud, in fact, that I am sure that they would not mind having their names made public so that everyone can congratulate them for their heroic act.

    SOMEBODY knows who these little weasels are – and there is no better “punishment” than public shame. Let the students and faculty know who these model citizens are, and let them handle it themselves.

    If their cause is so just (in their eyes, anyway), they should have no problem suffering the slings and arrows that are hurled their way, and they can hold their heads high for having done “the right thing”…..

    • Mari Quinn

      and maybe a little more than public shame …. there are laws against desecration of the flag

      • Lord Vego

        much like no one is ever charged with treason (Maning, Snowden I’m looking at you) laws regarding the treatment of the flag are generally not enforced, and it is counter productive to even talk about it because you immediately will get mired in a freedom of speech argument that will distract from the issue under discussion. It is much better to concentrate on the charges that stand a chance of being filed, criminal Trustpass, grand theft, and destruction of property.

    • Halli

      … Not to mention all those buildings!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charlie-Rice/1410235596 Charlie Rice

    ahh i remember when i was liberal in college,, then i ventured into the real world and learned.
    find out who these kids are

  • Mari Quinn


    18 USC § 700 – Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties

  • Mari Quinn


    USC › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 33 › § 700


    18 USC § 700 – Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties

  • Abaraxas

    When is vandalism considered a protest? Charges should be filed against them.

    • koam

      Try this stunt on Staten Island and see if they call you a misguided protestor. See if you walk away to blog about it.

  • koam

    This wasn’t a lone lunatic. The fact that five students felt that this was some kind of valid, honorable act of political activism speaks to the environment that they’re being cultivated in. If like to hear what kinds of classroom discussions about 9/11 they’ve been exposed to.

    • Bob

      Only one notoriously attention whorish student and 4 non-students.

    • Bawbb

      They weren’t all students, so get your facts straight and stop generalizing about the education we’ve received at this school.

    • bostonmaggie

      This was exactly a “lone lunatic”. Only one of the five was an actual student.

  • Peer

    Shireman-Grabowski’s Statement:

    Today I, along with a group of non-Middlebury students, helped remove around 3,000 American flags from the grass by Mead Chapel. While I was not the only one engaged in this action and the decision was not solely mine, I am the one who will see you in the dining halls and in the classroom, and I want to take accountability for the hurt you may be feeling while clarifying the motivations for this action.

    My intention was not to cause pain but to visibilize the necessity of honoring all human life and to help a friend heal from the violence of genocide that she carries with her on a daily basis as an indigenous person. While the American flags on the Middlebury hillside symbolize to some the loss of innocent lives in New York, to others they represent centuries of bloody conquest and mass murder. As a settler on stolen land, I do not have the luxury of grieving without an eye to power. Three thousand flags is a lot, but the campus is not big enough to hold a marker for every life sacrificed in the history of American conquest and colonialism.

    The emails filling my inbox indicate that this was not a productive way to start a dialogue about American imperialism. Nor did I imagine that it would be. Please understand that I am grappling with my complicity in the overwhelming legacy of settler colonialism. Part of this process for me is honoring the feelings and wishes of people who find themselves on the other side of this history.

    I wish to further clarify that members of the local Abenaki community should in no way be implicated in today’s events. Nor can I pretend to speak to their feelings about flags, burial sites, or 9/11.

    Today I chose to act in solidarity with my friend, an Indigenous woman and a citizen of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy who was appalled to see the burial grounds of another Indigenous nation desecrated by piercing the ground that their remains lay beneath. I understand that this action is confusing and painful for many in my community. I don’t pretend to know if every action I take is right or justified—this process is multi-layered and nuanced. I do know that colonialism has been—and continues to be—a real and destructive force in the world that we live in. And for me, to honor life is to support those who struggle against it.

    Please do not hesitate to email me or approach me if you wish to discuss this in person.

    • Skippythedreead

      Ah, the kind of insanity only a hyphenated name could produce!

      • Doc

        Never trust a women with a hyphenated name.

    • BurrStone

      Funny you mention the dining halls. I hope the lunch ladies spit in your food.

    • rb325th

      Might I suggest to you that if you are that upset with the
      “Colonialism” of your forefathers that you simply get over it. You
      cannot change history, and your actions were despicable without justification.

      You are a clueless young lady, and I do hope with time and
      actual attempts at attaining knowledge you will come to realize how idiotic you
      sound today.

      As to the “sacred burial ground”… You do know
      that most of the 2,977 souls taken on 9/11/01 have no burial ground. That their bodies were consumed in their entirety by the flames, or crushed into dust. I
      listened to a firefighter who found his entire company stacked like firewood under a huge steel beam. They could not remove them as they did not have a crane big enough to lift the beam or torches powerful enough to cut it. The
      fires below were spreading and were going to consume his Brothers. In order that their families have something, some piece of them… he had body parts cut
      off so that they could havea burial. In another instance he found a helmet, anda blackened skull beside it. He picked up the skull hoping to be able to
      identify that firefighter only to have it disintegrate in the wind. Those flags represent thousands who disappeared into dustthat day. I know you are too young to really remember it. That is unfortunate,for if you did, I think you would have found a better way to express your
      pointless views, than to insult and denigrate the memories of those we lost.

    • koam

      Anti-Americanism meets social justice activism as they’re taught.

    • Bruce Chester

      Despite the argument of American imperialism being a profoundly ludicrous and outdated concept, those people had to know that their actions would cause a lot of fall out. And I think that’s pretty much was their goal. If they felt offended or felt it was wrong to place those flags there, then they should have gone through the appropriate channels. That’s what ADULTS do. Like Sarah about mentioned they had permission to put the flags there. True adults stay reasonable and work through the system. If such requests are ignored or stonewalled then maybe radical action would be the last reasonable course of action. This was a slap in the face to the 3000 families, not just the victims of 9/11, and those traitors knew that. Notice I am using my real name to post here.

    • Dan Kemp

      This point of view is so ludicrous you’ve either been brainwashed since first grade or you are the most successful IRL attention troll I’ve seen since Ron Paul ran for President,

      Ignoring every standard of normal non-campus debate and throwing common sense out the window, I have your problem solved. Try this one:

      If you’re a settler on stolen land and so traumatized about this accident of birth, you obviously have to leave Middlebury immediately as not to further desecrate the stolen lands. No fair waiting til the end of the semester when grades are in- get your unjustly privileged cisgender white feet off captured indigenous ground now!

      Once you have left school abruptly and irrevocably damaged your transcript and resume for the greater good of Social Justice (TM), you must sell everything you have to divest yourself of the illegal gains of evil American capitalism, You can then use the cash to emigrate back to the Poland of your ancestors. Well, Shireman probably gives you England as an option if your Polish language skills aren’t up to the job.

      If you stay at Middlebury, an expensive bastion of East Coast upper-class privilege, you further condone and perpetuate the crimes of the past.

    • Izziah Mandelbaum

      Seriously, drop out of that consent-manufacturing hellhole. If you’re a real radical you shouldn’t spend so much time with those who will train/become the gatekeepers of power in the near future.

    • avidavid

      White guilt makes gullible people do stupid things.

  • BurrStone

    Smells like spoiled kids from suburbia desperately seeking moral relevance. In fact, I think I can smell the female holding the bag from here.

  • Abaraxas

    On second thought, charge them with theft. If each flag costs $1, that is over $2k in theft. Theft over $1500 is a felony here.

    • Ascencion Gomez

      Good thing they weren’t a military uniform that’s a for sure arrest in that place…

      • JeromeD

        Wouldn’t have happened. Liberal campuses try not to let vets within a 100-mile radius.

    • kat

      If it is government property I believe anything over $25 is a felony.

      • Abaraxas

        True, I wasn’t thinking about the actual land and how that applied, just the value of the property they stole.

  • jpmcc11

    Cross off one school my kids won’t be going to. Nice job Middlebury, you have created quite a name for yourself

    • Ben Kinney

      The Middlebury Administration is certainly not responsible for the actions of one student, our college community is up in arms, and the flag memorial was replaced last night by a group of students angered by yesterday’s events. Middlebury College is an amazing school, and our administration is currently pursuing disciplinary action against those involved.

      • Doc

        Wrong. The administration condones an educational environment that gives rise to moonbats like this that think this kind of behavior is perfectly ok. If society is responsible for the actions of criminals instead of the criminals themselves, then Middlebury is responsible for her actions.

        • bostonmaggie

          the administration has condemned this action by one student.

          • Doc

            Not good enough. From what I have read this isn’t the first time she has engaged in moonbat activity. I’m sure they condemned her in public and high fived her in private. We all know how much liberal colleges love America right?

          • Bawbb

            You have to chill out.

    • Midd 10.5

      Please do not let the actions of one lone actor define such a great higher ed institution – in fact, the across the board reaction against this “protest” and the fact that the tribute to the victims of 9/11 is conducted every year in tandem across party lines should be proof to the point that Middlebury is an excellent school with great students and faculty.

      • koam

        The student’ writtens statement reflects the ideas she’s taught at Midd, including, perhaps, “visiblize” :-) . This incident will be a bullet point on her resume.

  • pr

    terrible terrible terrible. Students should be expelled. However, i’m sure this disgusting act will go without consequences b/c that is how society works today.

    • bostonmaggie

      Student, singular. Only one Middlebury student was involved. She brought four non-students on campus to help her. The school administration has condemned this act.

  • ryno

    these are unacceptable actions. the students must be censured. what a sad day for the middlebury community and alumns of the college

  • Sarah

    I think the thing that Middlebury and its administration should latch onto is the fact that the students who placed the flags had permission from the university’s administration. That means these students were in the wrong, regardless of whether the site is a “sacred burial ground.” If they had a problem with the placement of the flags, they should have gone to the administrator who gave permission in the first place.

    Either way, I think this is ridiculous & an absolute disgrace, and I am far from the most patriotic person you’ll meet. This is just so incredibly disrespectful and unnecessary.

  • Midd

    Grabowski – Please share a couple of things with everyone. Proof that the exact area where the flags were placed was in fact a burial ground and where you ever have heard that you cannot pierce the ground? I cannot seem to find any of that information anywhere, aside from it being the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. However, regardless if you can somehow produce that information, the disrespect you have just showed to many friends and families of the individuals that died during 9/11 is preposterous!

  • SandyLester

    It’s called grand theft, arrest their a$$es and throw them in jail.

  • JJ


    If you feel like sending her a message to discuss the matter.

  • Dave in TX

    Looks like theft to me. The picture is pretty good way of identifying the perps. Will anyone there act to identify them?

  • Midd Panther

    After reading this I am infuriated that these individuals share the same college space that I graduated from a few years ago. I realize
    that Middlebury is an educational institution to be heard and voice your opinion, but to do this is beyond disrespectful. I agree with all the others below that they should be expelled from the college. This is not a freedom of speech/expression issue, this is a slap in the face to the victims and families of September 11th and a peaceful non-obtrusive demonstration of patriotism and support. We aren’t digging up a graveyard here, this is a wooden stick an inch in the ground for one day. Shame on Middlebury for doing nothing and the college can expect no further donations from me until this issue is resolved and these students are disciplined.

    • Ben Kinney

      President Ron Leibowitz is pursuing disciplinary action and has publicly and forcefully condemned the “protest”

    • another panther

      hear hear! another Midd panther agrees with you heartily. The teachable moment in this should be that the privilege of a Midd education requires respectful behavior towards others. Those who cross the line need to also bear the consequences. If the administration lets the perps off the hook, my donations will flow to other institutions that understand this concept.

  • Clarence Whorley

    Feminist Hippy marxists…doing yourself proud….what losers.

  • Tex

    Heres the link to the assclowns personal FB page. You know what to do. https://www.facebook.com/anna.shiremangrabowski?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

    • Midd student

      This is disgusting. How personal attacks can be justified as honoring those who lost their lives I will never know. I hope others in our community are not so easily swayed into such pointless aggression.

      • Patrick Wilson

        How is this aggressive. She has a point of view, others view what she did as offensive and wrong. they have as much of a right to tell her that as she does to pull those flags out of the ground.

        • laura_PH

          Why do you think she has a right to take someone else’s property (the flags) from a place where it was authorized by the property owners (who are NOT her) to be?

        • steves_59

          She has no right to pull those flags out of the ground.
          Try again.

        • bostonmaggie

          How is taking the property of others, placed with the permission of the school’s administration Anna Grabowski’s right? What if this was some random art display. Art students asked if they could put their creations in that spot. Would Anna have the right to come along and throw 2,997 pieces of art in the trash?

  • Kyle Henry

    I understand you may have an opinion on what is right and wrong but, what justifies you to take out the flags that represent the death of fallen citizens in an act of terrorism? This was a detrimental hit to the American population and you don’t have the respect for those who lost their lives in this tragic event? Shame on you and if this is the way you feel move to another country that gives you no rights, no freedom or self independence. Once you live there for awhile come back and tell me that the United States is a bad country.

  • koam

    The headline calls this vandalism a protest, without quotation marks.

    • koam

      Ron’s statement was great, except that he too called this vandalism a “protest.”

  • Guest

    I guess the part where one group of people were actually buried there while another group was murdered directly or indirectly by their government in another location has no bearing on which death(s) is more legitimately commemorated.

    • Guest

      So you have proof that the exact location of the flags is a burial ground?!?!? Please share!

    • John Q

      Yah, but those people killed in another location were our people. I know many people who have FAMILY who died there!

    • Kulture War

      The 9/11 victims were murdered by vicious, Islamists. Make no mistake about that.

  • Midd’02

    Complaining (rightly) about America’s bullying on the world stage is not appropriately done by desecrating a memorial to those killed in the US on 9/11. Those deaths were no less tragic than those our misguided government has caused around the globe “spreading democracy”. The offending students have no class whatsoever and are beneath the standard Middlebury seeks to establish. I recommend a semester long “Dean’s vacation” so they can reflect.

  • shadetree56

    if you hate “american imperialism” that bad – move to say – iran and see how much free speech you get there.

  • Izziah Mandelbaum

    Hilarious… the clear end result of perpetual victimhood studies. I’m against American imperialism but I also respect property rights, unfortunately Ms. Grabowski (hilariously appropos name, is she an “exemplum”?) has probably learned from this venerable institution that such concepts are the provenance of wealthy dead white men, and all the world is all our property. Until you drop the world-saving act and go to work for Goldman Sachs, like a good MiddKid :) When you sequester impressionable people with a bunch of ludicrous orthodoxies in the middle of nowhere, don’t be surprised when they do weird things.

    • greywulf1064

      So many words, and yet you really say NOTHING.

      • Izziah Mandelbaum

        More concisely, if you constantly teach people that they should be ashamed for things that they didn’t do and that they bear the weight of guilt for the sins of their fathers, don’t be surprised when they say and do things that seem totally crazy. It’s twice as true when you do it in the rural middle of nowhere so the entire community is an echo chamber of the same warped values. And I do know what I’m talking about, I went there :)

        • Kulture War

          You still said nothing but a bunch of libspeak.

        • Real Vermonter

          …obviously you dont appreciate that beautiful area of Vermont and they should take that degree (if you graduated) away from you. Some people actually grow up and live in the “middle of no where”. And the community in Middlebury do not “echo warped values”. Where did you learn to make rude miscalculated generalizations about nice hard working Vermont farming communities?

        • greywulf1064

          You went there alright, Driveltown.

  • Chrysis Cirrhosis

    I thought they were originally identified as not being students?

  • BarryBarry

    Leave it to college kids to achieve new heights of offensiveness and stupidity.

  • Spartican

    Every argument has two sides. I think it is only fair that the 5 protesters be given an opportunity to come forward and explain their protest. Certainly, it their claims are valid, they will want to speak out and not hide behind anonymity. Be courageous an proud – step out and proclaim the virtue of your protest – or are you ashamed?

  • ’03 Grad

    This is precisely why I will never give another dollar to Midd. Well, this and Quidditch.

    • Mike

      How can you possibly be that butthurt over Quidditch? Are you in middle school?

      • ’03 Grad

        If I were in middle school (which would admittedly be a bit of an odd sequence of schooling given my handle), wouldn’t I be less likely to be butthurt about Qudditch because I’d be smack in the target demographic of Harry Potter books? In other words, wouldn’t I be thrilled about Quidditch for all of its whimsical playfulness? Alas – I’m an adult and do adult things. None of which involve riding a broomstick around fantasizing about muggles, snitches and the like. If you think that’s acceptable behavior, then I truly, truly feel bad for you.

        • Mike

          Kids spend their middle school years shitting on each other for still liking ‘kids stuff’, whether it be Power Rangers or Pokemon, so that they can show how grown up and sophisticated they are. It looks like you never stopped.

    • whatever

      Quidditch is just a club…and for fun. You must be the fun police.

  • HW

    If this posts twice, I apologize!
    As much as I find the acts of the five “protestors” to be absurdly distasteful (Ok…understatement), if they are correct that the land is a burial site, it should be respected as such according to the beliefs, customs, and such of those possibly buried there.
    In saying that, if it IS a burial site, the “protestors” should have brought it to the attention of college and local authorities. If so desired, actually Protest at the location. Personally, I wouldn’t consider removing anything as a “protest”. Had students not confronted the individuals, their actions, as it would seem, would only have been trespassing (if not students), destruction of property, and theft.

    Considering the students offered to relocate the memorial when the “protestors” ‘informed’ them of the sacredness of the site, it’s obvious that due respect was a concern, which I, as I’m sure many others would, applaud them for, and can’t help but have a lot less compassion for the “protestors”!

    Personally, I think the individuals involved should certainly be held accountable and face whatever consequences deemed appropriate…and maybe educated about how to conduct a protest in a better fashion. Though I don’t like the idea of ‘rewarding’ this sort of disrespect and disregard, I do hope the college will look into the claims, and take appropriate action(s) with concern to the outcome.

  • http://pantheonoutcast.blogspot.com/ Valannin

    Can’t have anything penetrating the earth? There’s a lamppost behind them. If they were so interested in “respecting” the burial grounds of some defunct Indian tribe, why didn’t they uproot the lamppost, too?

    Self-righteous, self-entitled, indoctrinated rich kids. Someone should have physically stopped them.

  • Dee Tambo – Midd ‘10.5

    I have to say I agree that these actions were obnoxious done in ill taste, however I am equally, if not more, disappointed by many of the comments left on this site. Calling students names, generalizing about an entire institution based on the actions of a few individuals (most of whom don’t even attend the school), is low and reductive. Let us honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, as well as their families/friends and the soldiers who are still fighting is Afghanistan (my brother being one) by having an intelligent conversation about this act and what it means and what the consequences should be.

    • Eustace2

      >one of your lackeys does something outrageous
      >get angry and self-righteous when the public is outraged by it.

      I’m on to you, Shlomo.

  • koam

    I studied political activism, social justice, and community organizing with Howard Zinn. I had to create a semester portfolio of my documented street activist activity and a journal that would please Howard. He was a charming and intelligent man and I liked him a lot but I didn’t necessarily agree with him about everything. He made it very clear that he wasn’t interested in alternative points of view so I gave him what he wanted and I got an A. I’ve seen his kind of behavior among Middlebury professors but in a much more ferocious way with students and others who question their political views. I’ve even seen Middlebury professors stand up and tell the audience not to make certain arguments, before anyone even stood up to make them. The professors labelled those unargued, forbidden arguments as racist for example. Of course they were not racist arguments. That’s just one example. I’ve also seen professors stand up and shut down opposing views regarding US support of Israel and other disparate topics. The professors suggested that anyone who disagreed with them was anti Semitic. I often go to these meetings to learn about the topic and I’m off and fascinated by how professors systematically shut down alternate points of view about topics. I am sometimes impressed by some students who know that they have to you very carefully word their questions if inquires are not in lockstep with the groupthink. But I’m not impressed often enough. Most students buy into the groupthink or owner to the profs, like I did with dear Howard. I learned what he had to teach…. And I did learn a lot…. but I’m glad I earned my A, too.

    • koam

      My well-written, artfully packaged, and highly entertaining semester portfolio of my street activist activity reads like a Mad Magazine parody of communist agitator propaganda. Howard never let on that he knew I was mocking his genre. Instead my Lampoon seemed to be exactly what Howard wanted and it’s exactly what Howard got. I went to his office hours and shared my work with him and he liked it and he liked me and I liked him.

      • jamesben

        From what I know of him, I always wondered if Zinn was a little bit crazy (I respected his service with the 8th Air Force greatly) but, maybe it was just his Marxism.

        I enjoyed reading your account of his class though – very enlightening and entertaining.

        I have a couple of degrees from the U. of Texas (El Paso) and our profs are generally pretty easy going.

        Maybe it’s the (reputed) lithium in the H2O down here.

    • koam

      I was also a college Democrat and I organized the campus campaign to reelect President Carter. I recruited students to go to New Hampshire to campaign for Jimmy during the primaries. 4 years later I did the same for Mondale.

  • Elaphas Maximus

    If you liberals want a war, a war is what you will get. God help you if that happens.

    • Rich

      what the hell do liberals have to do with the article???

      • Doc

        This chick is obviously a moonbat liberal. I don’t know a lot of conservatives that hate America.. in fact, I don’t know any.

        • Rich

          funny – because I don’t know of many liberals that hate America either…but I do know many conservatives that hate liberals and the government (both of which makes up a pretty good chunk of America) and protest both. My point is not a defense of the idiots pulling the flags (and they ARE idiots) – but to point out that they have nothing to do with liberals (and liberals have nothing to do with hating America any more than conservatives do).

          • Doc

            Hating the government isn’t hating the people that make up it’s constituent parts. The United States is what is found in the principles of the Constitution and the writings of the founding fathers. It is the principle that no one have unchecked power over the people. Checks and balances prevent the accumulation of power and thus tyranny. The US Government and the United States that conservatives live are no longer the same thing. Liberals feel America is an evil place full of racists and poor murdering corporations (note: hyperbole). European Americans (a term you never hear because they consider themselves as just Americans), especially male European Americans must be made to pay for injustices that occurred long before they were born. The progress sought is the dismantling of personal liberty and governmental accountability to the people. The left uses nefarious tactics to achieve this change. This change is anti-american. The very nature of the liberal agenda shows contempt for a system of government that has brought more liberty to more people than ever experienced in the entire history of humanity. Bro.. do you even constitution?

          • Rich

            Wow – with all the flag waving and outward rage for those who might not agree with your political views you’d think we were being invaded. What exactly are the nefarious tactics that you refer to as un-American? Gerrymandering and vote rigging (tactics both parties have used since the dawn of the republic)? Tactics like passing equal protection laws? Shall I list more? I would imagine you consider Lincoln (a Republican) to be liberal too since you seem to be expressing resentment of racial equality. Your hatred seems to be aimed at those who hate America, but since liberals constitute a sizable portion of Americans, and you clearly hate them, I see little difference between you and those you seem to loathe. Those who live in glass houses….

          • Doc

            Look everyone! A typical moonbat that throws the race card! You know that doesn’t really work anymore right? Your comment seems to follow ye olde: “Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations” Did you forget that democrats filibustered the civil rights act of 1964 for 83 god damned days? Your an idiot and not worth replying to but for the sake of everyone else I must. As to the nefarious tactics… the liberal fiction of a living constitution, or any living law for that matter, makes rule of law impossible and gives the judicial branch far more power than it was designed to have.

          • Doc

            Haha. they are deleting my comments. This must be a moonbat paper. Well get ready to delete a lot. This story has been shared in veteran social groups and the floodgates of people like mare are open.


    A public lynching is the best form of punishment for these kids

  • Kulture War

    Progressive liberals are the biggest threat America faces besides radical Islam. While the tactics may differ, both groups share a disdain for America and have a common desire to destroy this country as we know it.

  • Merlinmajic

    Ignorance is bliss. And clearly these students are as ignorant as can be. One day they will learn to respect those that gave the ultimate
    sacrifice so they could enjoy the lives they lead in this country. In many countries their act of defiance would have ended them up in jail or worse. I am embarrassed for them as I am sure they feel no shame themselves. Again they are simply ignorant and ungrateful children. I think we should take away their Miley Cyrus albums, cars and bottled water and send them off to bed!

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Seriously…? Fucking Vermont hippies. Get the fuck over the whole native american thing. We came in, we killed them and took their land. Thats how nations expand.

    • Doc

      Not to mention they took land from eachother.. not to mention they came over from Asia during the last ice age…


    Well there is 5 folks that should have had their sh!t kicked in.

  • Kit_Jefferson

    Those who have no respect for the beliefs and traditions of others are not deserving of any respect. They are no more than thugs and hoodlums and should be dealt with according to the criminal statutes that are already on the books.

  • Bart Logan

    What surprises me is that the whacko faculty didn’t step in and HELP, and by “help”, I mean hold the trash bags or something like that.

  • RWFG

    Oh look demo crats being demo crats.

    Honestly, this site filters the word Democ rats?

    Yes, we know it is a dirty word…

    • bostonmaggie

      RWFG, the flags were planted as a joint project by the College Democrats and the College Republicans. The one student & her four non-student friends are just simpleminded. I am a Republican, but I do not view all Democrats as one monolith. Anymore than Democrats should view me as the same as every other Republican.

  • Guest

    I might be in jail today, but if I caught these LEFTIST/COMMUNIST BASTARDS removing a 9/11 Memorial – I’d be extremely “aggressive” in stopping them.

    These students who let this happen – even if they arrived there late – should be ashamed out their cowardice.

  • Guest

    These students who let this happen – even if they arrived there late – should be ashamed of their meekness – bordering on cowardice.

    I might be in jail today, but if I caught these LEFTIST/COMMUNIST BA ST AR DS removing a 9/11 Memorial – I’d be extremely “aggressive” in stopping them.

    • vetteman2010

      Exactly, just as 3 million registered Republicans sat home last Nov. Doing nothing is usually worse than standing up for your convictions.

  • Proud American

    These kids were in elementary school when 9/11 happened. When they finally grow up they will realize the idiocy of their actions.

    • TheRealBillybob

      How are the “kids”? They are 18 and older, they are adults and are responsible for their decisions. The armed forces of the United states have many people of this same age we don’t consider them “kids”!

    • sandyaz

      Poor assumption, they won’t grow up. Try reading The Kindergarten of Eden. Some people never do.

  • Gary

    They’re lucky that somebody didn’t beat the crap out of them! This could only happen on a Libtard sanctuary. If they did it in Anytown, USA, they wouldn’t be walking.

  • politicalmadman

    Let them have their moment of supposed glory. First, they should identify themselves since they think they are so “revolutionary minded”. Then, let the other kids on campus choose to deal with them in their own way. I suggest they just be ignored by the rest of the student body until they are no longer there. Some may decide it is their 1st amendment right to tell them how they feel. Whatever, let the kids decide !

  • bobrien2

    I saw some crazy stuff in my time at Bates but the hippies at Middlebury really know how to do it up right.

  • bostonmaggie

    Let’s be positive here & stop sniping at Middlebury as an institution. It’s silly to hold the entire school & faculty responsible for one attention seeking sophomore. Those who disagree with her should organize some positive action that invites all of the political spectrum to come together and condemn this action. Something that tells the world that the rational students & faculty honor those killed that day. Something that says people can put aside petty differences and agree that 9/11 was a tragedy.

    • Doc

      Why? Obviously the educational environment at Middlebury has encouraged and nurtured moonbats like her.

      • bostonmaggie

        I strongly disagree Doc. You must weigh the fact that many students planted and replanted the flags. Only one student and four non-students tore them up. Ms. Grabowski has also made reference to the overwhelming disapproval others at the school have shown her. Clearly the vast majority are normal.

        • Doc

          From my research this is not the first time she engaged in this kind of stupidity. The fact that she hasn’t been expelled indicates support.

  • TXHusker

    I hope they arrested all of them. These are the kind of people we need to send a message to. They are allowed to disagree, but they are not allowed to destroy. They should be made to put each ad everyone of those flags back right where they found them and then face a REALLY HEFTY fine as well as a lot of hours of community service, preferably doing something for veterans, police or firefighters groups or the like. There has to be a significant response to actions like this.

  • ew_3

    Future leaders of Amerika.

  • Midd07

    I think some students should just put large posters all over campus with the word “visibilize” on them just in case she forgets about her ridiculous act and lack of literacy.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    How long did it take these pampered little pansies to steal almost 3,000 flags? No one stopped them, shame on all of you who passed by without acting, you are not leaders, you are the problem.

  • revamyinsc

    This action is disturbing on a number of levels, but one thing is clear: these young people have no sense of decorum or respect. That is something that should have been instilled in them by the time they reached college. That they would engage in such behavior simply speaks volumes abt their character, or lack thereof…

    • bostonmaggie

      “these young people”
      Many more students were involved with planting the flags; replanting the flags and protesting the actions of the one student and four non-students involved in this incident.

  • MM

    nah, they probably would have just silently wrestled the bag away and put all the flags back in the ground.

    • BushMaster63

      Not this Veteran…and many like me would have made them carefully place every single one back into position..our flag…regardless of size, cost, or condition is to be handled with the utmost of respect…the ones putting those flags in the trash bags belong in them…

  • Coach AU

    So disrespectful. The college must identify and hold them responsible for this. Suspend them and force an apology

  • ML NJ

    Too bad. My visits to Middlebury and to Middlebury College have been nothing but pleasant. But this changes everything.

    • bostonmaggie

      That’s silly. One student was involved in tearing up the flags.. Many more students were involved in planting and replanting the flag. Please tell me when you find a school where every student acts as you think they should.

      • ML NJ

        So nothing reflects upon anyone, huh Maggie?

        It wasn’t one. It was five.

        Who were the perpetrators, Maggie? The school newspaper and/or the community at large, seem to be protecting them.

        Shame !

        • bostonmaggie

          If your child’s reading comprehension skills are as low as yours, they won’t be admitted to Middlebury. It was one student, Anna Shireman-Grabowsky. The other four were not students. She has been named at least a dozen times in these comments. There is a link in one of the updates to her manifesto. Her email was attached to her statement. Someone in the comments copied & pasted of her statement. No one is protecting anyone. You can’t judge a school on the actions of one student. After all, many students participated in the planting and re-planting of the flags. These facts have been stated over and over here.

          • ML NJ

            “a group of FIVE protestorS”

            Three witnesses quoted in the story:

            “”I got there just as THEY were taking the very last of them out of the ground'”

            ““THEY were quickly putting them into two big plastic trash bags.'”

            “I went up and asked THEM what THEY were doing. THEY said ‘this is an
            Indian burial ground and you can’t have anything penetrating the

            But I’m the one with low reading comprehension!

            And thanks for your concern about my kids. One graduated from Cornell. The other graduated from the University of Virginia. Both applied to only the school they attended. Middlebury wasn’t a consideration for either.

  • Tom

    sounds like everyone at the college is a cowherd

  • RoccoFlamefart

    What is a sacred Abenaki?

  • richardwagener

    You have their photos of them, file charges against them, and prosecute to the full extent of the law.

    • sorengo99

      There is zero extent of the law against taking flags out of the ground.

      • zaggs

        There is if the flags are owned and they were not returned.

      • bostonmaggie

        What would you say if it was an art display? Perhaps each piece of art was valued at a dollar. Then someone came and took all 2997 pieces and tossed them in the trash. It would be a clear felony. The discussion is being muddied by politics. Politics has no place in all this. The victims of 9/11 spanned the political spectrum. The represent America in their complete diversity.

      • Lord Vego

        Trespassing, grand theft, destruction of property. Plenty of extent of the law.

  • bouncebouncepogo

    Is their no shame left in this country.

  • John Hall

    Middlebury College…you should all hang your heads in shame. This woman has disgraced the memory of the thousands that died that day, and in the process blemished the credibility and standing of a respected institution. Tragedy one is that she did this. Tragedy two is that no one intervened to stop her. Shame on you all.

    • bostonmaggie

      Please don’t blame the entire student body. They are out here in the comments expressing dismay as well. One student and her four non-student cohorts doesn’t represent the many. Many students were involved in planting the original flags and the replanting.

      • Lord Vego

        The college will say a lot about its self by it’s reaction.

  • tankfixer

    When one is a guilt ridden leftist the facts don’t matter. What you “feel” is all that matters and you MUST act on it no matter who else you harm in the process.

  • Paulita Gilberto

    If that’s an Indian burial ground, why wouldn’t people have protested the school being built over or around it? They should be forced to replace every one of them for a month.

  • Scott Hanson

    Sod off, Liberal.

  • kat

    Theft of property. And if the flags belongs to the school anything over $25 if a felony and they could go to prison for it. Shameful act these 5 did. Someday they will regret what they have done.

  • Rob Smith

    Were you not with them in solidarity the night before at the pipeline protest. Guess they did learn…from you

  • Sam Koplinka-Loehr

    As settlers on Turtle Island, we should support the actions of indigenous people in beginning to decolonize. Anna Shireman-Grabowski was working with Amanda Lickers, a member of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, in this action. The symbol of the american flag is one of colonization and genocide. Those who died on 9.11 certainly deserve a place in our memory and hearts. We must remember, however, that using the american flag as a symbol for their lives carries with it a long legacy of genocide and colonization on this land. At “The College on the Hill,” we have a particularly horrific history. Middlebury College has been complicit with the genocide of Abenaki people in Vermont. In particular, our dining hall is named after Redfield Proctor, Jr., who was the 59th Governor of Vermont. Redfield Proctor directly advocated for the forced sterilization bill that passed the Vermont House of Representatives in 1931. Under this racist and classist policy, Abenaki people were targeted for forced sterilization. Mi’kmaq people also recognize that our college is on native burial grounds. These are parts of our college history that need to be addressed by working with the Abenaki Band Councils to make reparations. The action on September 11th should remind us that we have a duty to not only remember the three thousand people who died twelve years ago, but also to recognize our role in the colonization and genocide of indigenous people on this land.

    • http://pantheonoutcast.blogspot.com/ Valannin

      If the school is such a reminder of the “horrific” history of the treatment of the Abenaki people, why are you paying $57,000 a year to attend? Why not go to one of the exclusive, internationally recognized institutes of higher learning founded and run by the indigenous peoples of America?

      Oh, right. Because there aren’t any.

      By the way, will you be demanding reparations for the hundreds of English soldiers slaughtered by the Abenaki in 1759 while under the flag of a truce? Or does that sort of cognitive dissonance not resonate with the indoctrination you received instead of an education?

      Destroying a memorial honoring the lives of innocent Americans does nothing to advance your cause, and proves without a doubt that you are not interested in the slightest in having an intelligent dialogue about whatever perceived slights your group may have suffered. It’s passive-aggressive, misguided juvenile extremism at its finest, and as a human being, you should be ashamed, because, objectively, you and your compatriots’ actions were counterproductive and wrong.

      • bostonmaggie

        I wish i could like your post many more times than once. Good job.

    • Geologist

      It’s impossible for the hillside to be a burial ground.

      Why? There’s a large limestone outcrop 10 feet away, and the location with the flags had only 2-3 feet of soil before reaching the same bedrock. I believe it’s dark-gray siliceous shale and phyllite, but there is also argillaceous limestone as part of the same formation.

      And Sam, the Eugenics Survey of Vermont was led by University of Vermont Professor of Zoology Henry Perkins. It didn’t have anything to do with Middlebury. Get your facts straight.

      • bostonmaggie

        Another excellent reply. Kudos. It’s refreshing to see facts used.

  • Douglas Lloyd Buchholz

    Who is she? Is the woman “representative of the Abenakis” and I don’t mean from the 4 or 5 incorporations that have state of VT sanction as being alleged “Abenaki” wannabiak “tribes” either. This is just the beginning. It wasn’t just about selling their artwork or what have you. It is much much bigger agenda than that. So c’mon where is the real proof these people are Abenakis? I have been looking, and trust me, I haven’t found any proof for the majority of them. This liberal woman is about as naive as ever. Burial ground? The simple fact is, prove it, get a real Abenaki tribe to show proof of some sort that they buried their ancestors there!

  • Ipsophakto

    How much did the flags cost, and is that amount enough to charge them with felony theft?

    Recall the racism hoax at oberlin college? That liberal race-baiting cost about 3000 students $300 each.

    Time for charges and lawsuits.

  • DMBBM67

    If the flags were on a sacred burial ground in this spot, does that not mean the school itself is on a sacred burial ground? And if the school itself is on a sacred burial ground does that not make these self-righteous nitwits hypocrites for going to this school and paying…I mean having their parents paying…the tuition that goes to continuing this atrocity of exploiting this sacred burial ground?

  • robert anthony

    It should have been a hint something was wrong when lefties were seen cleaning up.
    These pukes will take the time to pick up US flags and put them in trash bags…but they can’t clean up the ACTUAL TRASH they leave all over the ground at all their little gatherings!!! Despicable.

  • steves_59

    You’re kidding, right? Overzealous young people, acting inappropriately? With enthusiasm?
    Oh, they should learn from it. I agree. Let the non-students learn with a trespassing and vandalism charge, and let Anna learn by expulsion and vandalism charges.

  • robert anthony

    Let’s say the ‘Indian burial ground’ claim is true..then why do leftists have no problem suing to remove crosses from war veteran cemetaries and memorials? Isn’t that a desecration of burial ground too? I guess ‘tolerance’ is a one-way street….again.

  • Jason_L

    What kind of person….never mind, the story is glaringly apparent in and of itself. These “protesters” need a swift kick in the you-know-where………

  • Evil Merlin

    Unlike those douchebags I AM Abernaki (and Penobscot). If I find out who these students are, I will notify the Tribal Council. That will end them speaking for us RIGHT quick.

  • onesoldiersmom

    Those brats need to be kicked out of this great country. Imperialism my arse!

  • Tracey Haggett-Sloan

    I believe Middlebury is in the top five for most expensive colleges in the nation. Just goes to show you what an over priced “education” does for ones ability to comprehend the concept of respecting those who gave their lives.

    • bostonmaggie

      This was not an action by a majority of the student body. Please don’t tar the other students with the same brush. It was one student and four non-students. Many students took part in planting the flags and later re-planting the flags. Those facts are made clear in the article.

  • Midd Italy

    a very brave action calling attention to
    Middlebury’s historical support of colonialism. 9/11 brought the death
    of a million people in a trillion dollar scam of the American
    government. A disproportionate few of them were represented by the the
    american flag- a flag of slavery, of imperisalism, of the most violent
    nation in history – actively engaging in war all over the globe, since
    its inception.

    The backlash of the midd community to this is
    already harsh, it takes a lot to walk the talk of truth and action in a
    space the reeks of lies and violent complacency. Solidarity!

    • it’s a mad world

      When I see young people posting nonsense like this, it makes me physically sick.
      I do not understand Midd Italy – why you just don’t leave this country. Try Canada – it’s close and you can visit frequently. I’m sure they would love to have you and equally sure many people would be happy to see you leave.

    • KN

      One can always tell a cut and paste from another source. Carriage Returns (Enter) are in odd places.

    • William Volk

      How can you type with a raised fist? Can I be so bold as to guess your political party? Hmmm, let’s see. You’re probably a Democrat, right? Possibly the Green Party? Are you a member of “Occupy” something? Are you a fervent believer in “anthropogenic climate change”? Do you yearn for America to become more like Sweden? Do you have a “Che” t-shirt? Do you worry a lot about your carbon footprint? Is there a “Jewish conspiracy”? Do you obsess over past wrongs in American history, such as slavery, native-American genocide and feel like a guilty white man? Do you look at the hammer & sickle flag and wish it was flying over the U.S. Capitol? If any of these descriptions apply to you, you are clearly a moron.

  • Doc

    Bullcrap. The lack of accountibility in this country is what has given rise to moonbats like this. You let people learn by completely destroying this drain on society as a warning to others that this conduct will not be tolerated. These people are beyond help. Any mind that thinks this is acceptable is so far gone into liberal moonbat madness that nothing can help them.

  • Harold Garlick

    As Stalin said, “useful idiots”

    • Morganfrost

      I fail to see why they’re useful.


    What happened to her name? It was posted yesterday… anybody?

  • Stavros

    Charge them with theft of property.

  • Alum ’05

    Anna’s actions don’t represent the sentiments of the Middlebury community, as indicated by these comments, the statement from Liebo, etc.

    However, her actions are indicative of a campus environment that is completely one-sided politically — one in which students are taught and/or learn from obvious inference that it’s OK to act like a complete dick as long as your cause is just. Of course, within the Midd bubble, just causes exist almost exclusively within the far-left-wing wheelhouse of “social justice”.

    When I was a student a decade ago, the political environment at Midd was one in which about 10% of the student body were strident, obnoxious left-wing activists and the remaining 90% (whose own opinions ranged everywhere on the left-right spectrum) sort of went about their daily lives and tried to ignore the asinine protest crowd as much as possible.

    From the looks of it, this dynamic has only gotten worse since I graduated 8 years ago. I deeply regret the fact that I didn’t do more to call out BS where I saw it — whether writing an op-ed in the Campus or just sitting down at the “revolutionary” table at Proctor and telling them face-to-face “I think you’re full of crap”.

    Here’s some unsolicited advice for current Midd Kids:

    – Being extremely opinionated, even if your views come from the political fringes, is completely OK.

    – Acting like a total a$$hole while trying to get other people to agree with your opinion IS NOT OK.

    Hopefully this incident will be a “teachable moment” and provide a catalyst for ending the complacency around engaging the far-left activist crowd in rational discourse.

    • Halli

      Considering we were on campus at the same time, I’m having a hard time remembering things the same way you apparently do. Were there very liberal activists on campus? Yes. Was the rest of the campus all left-wing? Absolutely not. Were you not around during the elections? There were some pretty vocal right-wingers around then, too. Are the left-wing ‘activists’ more vocal? Yes, it certainly seems that way. But you must not have spent much time around the econ majors and those who eventually went into finance and politics. I would say the split back then was more 60/40 liberal/conservative, though I can’t speak for the extremism of either side.

      • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

        Standard liberal fare here. “Look, one conservative! It’s bipartisan and diverse here at Marxist U! Go Hammers and Sickles!”

      • Alum ’05

        Were you there in 2002 when Ari Fleischer spoke at Mead Chapel and was repeatedly interrupted by activists screaming random non-sequiturs about racism, colonialism, militarism, etc?

        What about when the CIA came to recruit on campus in 2003 and the New Left covered themselves in fake blood and tried to stop students from entering the room in Bi-Hall where the presentation was taking place? Did you miss that one too?

        This kind of crap is not a new phenomenon on the Middlebury campus. Hell, they burned down the ROTC building in broad daylight in 1968 and nobody ever got in trouble for it.

        To your other point, I don’t think you read my last post properly. The issue here is not really one of a massive left-right disequilibrium as far as the entire student body is concerned. It’s that almost all of the political speech at Midd is that of the far-left loony-tunes variety, with everyone else deciding that it’s not worth the headache to get involved. There were plenty of right-wing students on campus 10 years ago (as I’m sure there are now), but most of them were too busy trying to get a job in investment banking to actually take the time to listen to, let alone confront, the radical-chic crowd. I myself was guilty many times of saying, “you know what, F it, it’s not worth the effort.” Ultimately such laziness is detrimental to the community.

        It’s sad to say, but Anna is largely a product of her environment. The fact that she had no qualms about brazenly desecrating a monument to victims of terrorism is a clear indicator that Middlebury is a place where nobody wants to take the time to engage with the crazies. I hope that the silver lining of this incident will be a change in this dynamic.

        • koam

          As taught and encouraged by the professional activist faculty.

  • Bark

    I agree with Jon. Who gave these five protesters the right to decide such a cowardly act towards American patriotism ? In protest of “America’s imperialism ?” Why only 5?

    • bostonmaggie

      I agree and would further clarify that only one was an actual student.

  • LouAdams

    There is a time for peace and a time for war

  • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

    I would have stood over a group of flags, claimed ownership, and told these lefty jerks that if they tried to take them it was theft and that I would use force to prevent the theft of my property.

    Pretty sure that would have put an end to that.

  • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

    Yeah, because they’re such a shortage of leftists on left-wing, leftist union-dominated, left-wing indoctrinated campuses like Leftlebury.

  • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

    Such brave journalists here. Practically every comment held for moderation lol.

  • Deserttrek

    campus police? I guess not. these people regardless of sex need a lesson in manners. they probably preach tolerance and like most leftist are against free speech from others.

  • Dave

    If, as I assume, the numbers after the names are graduation years, not birthdays you need to be way more clear. The standard for ,media writing is the number following a name denotes age, so this article makes it look like you have a bunch of teenagers running around a college campus.

    Now if that is in fact the case then so be it, Ill be confused as to what a bunch of young teens are doing leading college republicans and what not but otherwise this is a poorly formatted article. Its mistakes take away from the issue, and make the rest of the information suspect in case it is as sloppy as the formatting.

    • Halli

      What a ridiculous comment. This is a college newspaper, and if you don’t know that already, perhaps you should rethink what you’re reading. Did you not notice the apostrophe prior to the year? That’s a widely accepted way to demonstrate an abbreviation for the YEAR, not age. And I also don’t see how you can be criticizing any formatting/grammar considering your comment and it’s sloppy formatting.

  • sandra

    Burial ground or whatever the beliefs or reasons, they could have tried to find out who put the memorial there and asked them to relocate it.

  • Frank

    They should be arrested for theft and vandalism. The College Democrats and Republicans should file a civil suit against the vandals – I am sure a local barrister will take on the suit gratis. Force them to defend their actions in Civil and criminal court.

  • James Oyler

    This is a Discrace! I guess I my child will not be going to Middlebury College. It makes me physically sick,

    • bostonmaggie

      This incident, perpetrated by one student and four non-students. It certainly doesn’t represent the College. Many more students participated in planting and later replanting the flag. The actions of this one student have been condemned by the school’s administration

  • he_who_scoffs_at_danger

    This is why people who should ordinarily be progressives hate progressives.

    Conservatives have a lot of difficult-to-abide viewpoints, but they lack the sense of entitlement and “absolute moral authority” progressives exhibit when they throw pies and red paint, stage racial hate-crime hoaxes and, as in this case, manifest an abject hostility toward others’ right to express themselves.

  • steve

    Surely they’ll be charged with theft?

  • Humphrey

    Further, they are assuming that brazen theft is an acceptable method of expression. They are saying, in the crudest terms, “Shut up.” Oh, to hear them squeal if anyone dared to pluck rainbow LGBT flags from a similar display.

  • Andrew Dyson

    What burial ground? They made that up and not one of the liars is native.

  • Aaron J Tuttle

    Freedom of speech. You can take the property of another person and do with it what you want. Oh, sorry, that’s called communism. What a bunch of liberal idiots. I hope they enjoy sharia law.

  • AmCollege’13

    The students of Middlebury should demand the expulsion of Anna Shireman-Grabowski. There is no justification for her actions. She defaced a memorial on college property and committed theft. The student body has the power to make things right if they fight for it.

  • Andrew Dyson

    It is not.

  • John Heartflower

    Were any of the protesters actual Native Americans or were they white people? I am guessing white, middle-class or wealthy, people and most likely white, middle-class girls (I use “girls” intentionally).

  • bostonmaggie

    No but improper disposal is. Putting them in trash bags is. Anytime a person wants to get rid of an old or tattered flag, they can easily call the local Boy Scouts. Or an nearby veterans organization. I have been present where all the flags accumulated over a years period are properly disposed of in a joint action.

  • Morganfrost

    Democrats. Absolutists in the defense of free speech, provided they agree with it.

    • bostonmaggie

      It is unfair to lump Democrats into the attention seeking of this one student. The planting of the flags was a joint project between the College Democrats and the College Republicans.

  • JCJ Bike

    My guess is America is going to know by the end of the day who these two students are… their lives are getting ready to change in a way they never imagined.

  • JD

    Quite the douchebag move. I am not surprised though, it happened on a college campus.

  • Dave

    We should use the government to unlawfully punish them for exercising their freedom of speech.

    • bostonmaggie

      It is not freedom of speech to steal the property of others. Your right to freedom of expression ends at the tip of my nose.

    • Minnalousha

      What they did is an *act*. They vandalized the efforts of others. You must attend a progressive law school.

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    There’s an entire College Campus sitting there, isn’t there? It’s not an Indian burial ground. That’s just how lefty liberals roll.

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    Welcome to America.

  • bostonmaggie

    I don’t know what your “haha” is about, but this was a joint project between both groups. I am a Republican and know plenty of patriotic Democrats.

  • bostonmaggie

    One student. The other four were not students.

  • bostonmaggie

    Those professors can not be doing a very good job, since only ONE student was responsible for this. Many more student participated in planting and replanting the flag.

  • Obsidiandog

    Just kick them out of school.

  • Phil Bronner

    If they were students, they should be thrown out of school, charged with theft, criminal mischief tresspass..whatever else is applicable. If they aren’t students…they should be banned from campus and charged criminally and civilly…sued for whatever is applicable and in such an amount they will owe for a very long time! Dirtbags…

  • My Shocked Face

    Obviously these “students” aren’t learning much. Wonder if their parents are proud.

  • bostonmaggie
  • pabarge

    Ah,Middlebury. I went there.
    The place should be shut down because of this. Nail the doors shut.

  • mcjenny

    Hm, are there light posts “penetrating the earth”. how about sidewalks? Seems only fair to have these protestors reimburse the cost of the flags at a minimum.

  • http://www.theconservativereview.com/ Marcus Porcius

    Ahaha. You give yourself away. There’s no such thing as a conservative, blue-blooded New Englander. Those are known as “RINOs.”

  • JeromeD

    I think he was being sarcastic / ironic (hence the “…”)

    • John Fowler

      I appreciate the heads-up, JD. I usually have a decent irony meter, but lately I’m having a harder time discerning sarcasm from wrongheadedness.

  • JeromeD

    As has been stated, if each flag is worth, say, $1, this would be considered theft of over $1,500 and therefore a felony.

    The judge should make each of these students replace the flags. Thousands of them.

    Every year.

    THAT would be a part of their community service. They would be supervised by the college Republicans / Democrats. If they deviated from their community service, more serious action would be taken.

  • Fed up with idiots

    The students and faculty should replant the flags this weekend.

    • bostonmaggie

      The students did replant the flags.

  • Steven D. Pike

    Shine, perishing republic. We reap what we vote.

  • matt

    middlebury has always been an expensive ‘safe school’ for morons.
    now it’s an expensive ‘safe school’ for unpatriotic morons.
    i hope prospective employers take note.

  • Kelly Dennis ’07

    I have a deep seated feeling of humiliation that I’m having trouble letting go of after reading the story, Anna’s statement, and all of your comments. As the only student who actively identified as a Native person in the Middlebury class of 2007, I struggled to overcome cultural barriers and confront racist stereotypes and now I feel pain for present Native students who will no doubt suffer from the embarrassment and shame of having people use their culture to make such a disrespectful and irresponsible statement.

    In 2004 I founded and became President of Voices of Indigenous People (VIP) at Middlebury College. VIP served to represent the small indigenous population on campus, recruit more Native students and faculty, and educate the Middlebury community about indigenous peoples around the world. In fact, I founded VIP after a campus organization hosted a “Cowboys and Injuns” where something along the lines of the following message was sent out: “if dressed as a Cowboy you can roam around and drink whatever you want; but come in Injun garb and you’ll be forced to your reservation in the corner and have fire water poured down your throat.”

    With the support of friends I formed and lead a group of over fifty students distressed by this and other injustices to protest the event. We related it to past offences such as the vandalism of the coming-out closet and the “Blackface Party.” Our protest ultimately created a healthy dialogue on diversity issues throughout the campus and an agreement was made between the college and student groups to host sensitive themes for social gatherings. That, Anna, is how you hold a proper protest for indigenous issues.

    I tried calling the Middlebury Student Activities Office to see if VIP is still around after this incident. I never thought I’d see the day where I would be relieved to hear that the office is not aware of whether VIP is still active.

    Protesting for recognition of Native American burial rights and sacred site issues is an important, spiritual, and sensitive endeavor. I’ve helped to organize my tribe’s own ancestral burial ground protection protests. However, never would it have occurred to me to do so in front of the Middlebury Chapel unless some Abenaki people approached me for VIP’s assistance. Even then, I would not have handled it in the way Anna and the other protestors had by defacing the September 11 memorial. Especially not as a Native American person from a New York tribe!

    I am now mortally disgusted by all of this and the consequence that the comments for this story are starting to show. Comments such as “the Abenaki people died out long ago even before colonialism.” NOT TRUE! An Abenaki student went to Middlebury while I was there and she was a few years my underclassman. She joined VIP and we learned from her about the Abenaki culture, history, and atrocities such as the government systematically forcing the sterilization of her people.

    I pray that the Middlebury community can find a way to resolve this matter appropriately for all impacted and not overlook or further debase Native American people. I honestly feel like this group of protestors tried to take cultural appropriation to a whole new level and it makes me sick.

  • Alum ’12

    VT was a republic from 1777-1791… The town of Middlebury was chartered in 1761… Settlers arrived in 1766… Post-war settlers returned and most town construction/etc occured in 1783… why is she speaking about US colonialism? The annexation of this specific burial site is the responsibility of either the British or the Republic of VT…

  • tiredofit123

    All five of those “students” deserve to be expelled have their photos and full name put on the front page of major newspaper.

    Think America is imperialist? Then don’t go to an American college funded by American money, don’t get a job with an American company, JUST GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

  • VladamirUntruksur

    I lost my brother in law to those terrorist on 9/11. I would like to see those who tore up the flags explain to his 13 year old daughter how their actions are justified.

  • troy christensen

    Unfortunately, today’s college role is to indoctrinate students in liberal ideology instead of fostering critical thinking and judgement. These students learned well, no other views will be tolerated other than extreme leftists. Welcome to the American decline; intentionally brought to you by the Democrats.

  • fumbduck

    Someone has an objection and feels justified in desecration;
    of something precious and symbolic to the majority of the country.
    Presumably, such people are prepared to be treated in like manner.

  • Nola_Navy_Vet

    What do you expect fro the Obama Crowd?

  • Jack Maverick

    You nailed it perfectly – a terrific summation of the liberal mindset, in which “Practice tolerance!” means “Agree with me, or shut up!”.

  • Solilquize

    I’m at a loss. Why were they permitted to remove them, have they no campus or city police?
    Presumably the offending students did not own the flags. If they indeed “confiscated them”, are they not quilty of theft? Why have they not been charged?
    If they indeed confiscated property not their own, has the university set a precedent? Will conservative students be able to descend en masse and “confiscate” things that offend them? To say otherwise is not to be tolerated.
    But we all know how sanctimonious liberal minds work. The slightest offense against their tender sensibilities would have them put the offender to death in front of a firing squad, but the most egregious offense by one of their own against a Conservative, and they lovingly dismiss it as a prank. If you think otherwise, ask the Rodeo clown that wore the mask. Banned for life, he did something to offend his highness the emperor.
    Shame on the university, by their omission to stop or prosecute or discipline the offenders, they are every bit as guilty in this heinous act.
    I spit in their general direction. Ptooie!

  • RayZ

    Protesting is fine. Theft is not.

    • WhiteHunter

      Two well-known principles come to mind in this case, as in every other one involving Leftist disruption, crimes, and/or “political” violence:
      1. “Your right to swing your arms stops at the tip of my nose”; and
      2. “I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it” (Voltaire?).
      Somehow, Leftist agitators ALWAYS demand that their critics be constrained by these, but NEVER feel bound by them, themselves.
      The “heckler’s veto” — a favorite, and universal, tactic of the thuggish Left — is NOT “debate,” “intellectual argument,” “dissent,” or “an exercise of free speech.” It is the silencing of others by thugs. Nothing more. And a college campus is the last place where it should be tolerated, although, disgustingly, it’s the most likely place to find it.

  • Johnny Alpha

    Now that the story has made it to Drudge and Breitbart, I’m hearing that some 9-11 victims families are actually planning to make their way up to Middlebury to confront Anna Shireman-Grabowski and Amanda Lickers. This story is just beginning.

  • Dutch

    There’s no indication they were Democrats. The article says they’re unidentified. The quoted individual states he mistakenly thought they were the Democrat students helping as they do every year, but he realized it wasn’t them.

  • brad hart

    So that’s what you learn in college now? No thanks. I’ll send my kids to the military schools.

  • apachecafe

    I’m thinking this was done to get some reaction out of people as to what’s happening in DC and our rights as citizens….those damn Abenaki burial grounds, aaarghhhhh! lol…..

  • disqus_a98vpmJhve

    just demonstrates how low some will go

  • Ganesha_akbar

    College Republican’s BIG mistake?

    Neglecting to apply for an NEA grant for performance art.

    Campus ACLU clergy will NEVER forgive that heresy.

  • Bawbb

    I love how intolerants such as yourselves hate on progressives. The same people that allow for civil rights of all people of all backgrounds. So much hate from your side, and then you call liberals anti-American.

    Are you afraid the blacks are voting too much? Or that illegals are actually doing well enough (probably contributing to this country’s workforce more than you) that they’ll get citizenship? Notice what side they’re always voting for. Hint: it’s not the right.

  • LiberalsRNuts

    Congratulations on the libtardism being spread like a disease across college campuses like this. You must be so proud.

  • Steve Peters

    Sounds like 5 people that need to be expelled~~~

  • Mike Yurko

    Whoever currently owns the property has the right to display it in any way they choose. Those kids should be arrested and fined BIG TIME for trespassing and vandalism but mostly held up to public ridicule for such unpatriotic, heartless, self centered, insensitive behavior. Just proof that stupidity still is alive and well in others!! They are not worth the ground they walk on!!

  • Greg

    Gotta love the “tolerant” left. They are the most inclusive people in the world aren’t they? What horrible people.

  • Maunalani

    Love the Left, got ’em all the way from the White House down and they have all screwed up America to a fare-thee-well.

  • a1b2c3b4

    So please explain why the INTOLERANCE and NARROWMINDED actions of 5 snotty nosed children outweighs the rights of the huge majority? Where were the people to defend and shoo away these immature brats?

  • ffajaz

    Why are they not in jail, theft is a crime. A protest does not give them the right to steal.

  • Greg Marus

    “Injuns on warpath! Heap wantum tear down paleface flags!”

    Or, more concisely:


  • USMC-conservative

    confiscation? Vandalism or theft more like it

  • VTLibertarian

    Read Anna’s second statement. She’s a bully and as all bullies are, a coward, too. She’s a student of the Saul Alinsky doctrine and an agitator, plain and simple. If she really felt conviction about what she did she would stand up for her actions and beliefs but instead, since she really painted herself into a corner, she’s acting remorseful and apologetic.

    • town resident

      So perfectly true. Yet, it was nowhere near as remorseful as it might have been IF she had wanted to apologize. Pure bull.

  • Gamal

    The flags were pulled up ostensibly as a protest against U.S. imperialism. I recommend that these protesters read the web site titled “In Defense of Benevolent Imperialism” at http://www.mypracticalphilosophy.com/shelp/poldefenseimperialism.htm

  • Warchild

    I for one will take the assault charge if I ever witness something like this. I will start from about 10 yards away and deck the first guy I come to and if the stupid little rich kid women don’t run they will get a b&*ch
    slap across the right or left cheek. Which ever one presents itself. If this kind of crap continues to be tolerated without punishment it will never stop.

  • Somerled

    Turtle Island (North America) is one huge burial ground and Amanda Lickers reserved the right to maintain it in any way she deems suitable. It’s odd that it took only one student incapable of critical thinking to give Amanda all this publicity.

  • MairinT

    Did they not think that Native Indian lives might also have been lost in that gross terrorism? Would that have made a difference? Such narrow minds….

  • Student 2011

    If the protestors were so upset about the flags being on a burial site, where are they on Sunday mornings cleaning up the beer cans and other trash left behind after each weekend? That’s on the ancient burial ground as well.

  • Ts

    Shame on admin for doing nothing to perpetrators

    • Midd alum ’82

      Where did you see that nothing is being done to the perpetrator — THERE IS ONLY ONE Middlebury student — a disciplinary proceeding is happening. Do you not believe in due process? Just throw people in the slammer without a hearing?

  • WhiteHunter

    The College certainly knows who they are; they made no secret of it. They should have been arrested, then expelled the next day and prosecuted as trespassers if they were found on campus after that. Any further questions?
    Jack Rymsha, Middlebury ’74

    • Midd alum ’91

      The college doesn’t “arrest” students. The Middlebury Police Dept does, and they are to be asked where they have been in all of this. Rumor is that they are “investigating” the incident. Only one student was involved. The others left and supposedly went back to Canada. The student involved is now going through the college’s disciplinary process. Are you suggesting Americans get no due process on college campuses and just get suspended?

  • WhiteHunter

    The College needs to nip this in the bud…unless they want to see more of it (and I doubt that any parent who’s paying, or borrowing, $57,000 a year wants to). Due process in this case should consist solely of a brisk, pro forma administrative hearing held on short notice (say, 24 hours) lasting not more than half an hour, if that long. Three questions, and only three, need be asked and answered: (1) What happened? (2) Who did it? (3) What’s the punishment going to be? Period.
    The best way to ensure that this is a one-time act of disruptive lunacy, and not the first of many or the beginning of a trend, is to set a harsh, no-nonsense example for others who might be tempted to repeat it.

    No loud or disruptive protests, demonstrations in support of the vandal(s), nor riots (especially those organized or joined by outsider agitators) need be tolerated; polite lettters to “The Campus” only, if you please. Any sort of “demonstration” on campus will need a permit, applied for and approved 90 days in advance (by which time the vandal will be long gone and the issue moot). Considering how Modesto Jr. College in California recently dealt with the student who committed the “offense” of handing out free copies of the U.S. Constitution, this seems more than reasonable.

  • Ash86

    I honestly can see both sides here. I see how this act of “protesting” is incredibly disrespectful to those who have lost their lives in such a horrible tragedy. I can also see how its also disrespectful to what is already below the soil. I don’t feel the 5 people need to face such serious consequences such as “being physically stopped” or “removed from campus.” Perhaps a public apology? Anyway, I agree that “no death holds greater value than another.” There must be a way to reach a respectable common ground.