Mandy Kimm


Lecturer Talks Experience Through Art

What is art, and what defines art as worthy to be in a museum? These are the crucial questions Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Catherine[...]

Examining ‘The Masks’ Through Dance

This weekend at the Middlebury College Dance Theatre, masks were worn, washed off and fashioned as the Dance Company of Middlebury performed “The Meaning of the Masks.”

Flicker Lets Student Art Shine

As the lights went dark in the Middlebury College Dance Theatre on Jan. 30, the audience waited with anticipation to see Flicker light up the space with new works by student dancers, choreographers, poets and artists.

Hepburn Zoo Gets ‘Gruesome’

This weekend at the Hepburn Zoo, a group of five students will present “Gruesome Playground Injuries,” a two-character play written by Rajiv Joseph. The story[...]