Alex Newhouse


The Arrogance of Youth

Most of us probably came to Middlebury in order to have our beliefs challenged. We wanted to confront situations that would make us think and[...]

One Life Left: The Last of Us

How do you confront the unthinkable? How do you persevere in the darkest situation imaginable, when everything familiar and comforting is warped and erased? How[...]

Finding the Constant in Your Life

Recently I’ve found myself describing my life as a runaway freight train. At some point in the last year, it began changing so rapidly and[...]

Nothing is Above Criticism

Each horrifying act of violence that occurs in the world cuts at us. Each example of cruelty takes our conceptions of security and turns them[...]

One Life Left: The Swapper

I’ve experienced my share of existential crises in my life, not surprisingly. But rarely have I had to confront questions of my own physical and[...]

Beating the Winter Blues

The cold has finally arrived. Snow has carpeted the grass and framed the buildings with a border of white. Temperatures are dropping and freezing drizzles[...]

A New Form of Literature

For decades, video games served one main purpose. From “Pong” to “Space Invaders” to “Super Mario Bros.”, games were created and shared to entertain. People[...]

Choose Not To Party

This year, I have not gone to a single party. I have not been involved in any of the party culture, I have only once[...]

Reorient Yourself

 Over the last few weeks, an internet blog has been making the rounds throughout Middlebury students. At this point, you’ve probably heard of it. Called[...]

Breaking Out of The Bubble

It’s often said that we at Middlebury live in a bubble. Our little college sits deep in the Vermont woods, hours from the nearest major[...]

We Need Progress

The United States is growing, in general, increasingly liberal with each passing year. With this liberalization comes greater equality, but perhaps more importantly, a greater sense and understanding of how unequal our society remains.

No Thank You for Smoking

I love to leave my window open in my room. The cool breeze, the smell of the trees and the rain, and the soft white[...]

A Critique of Pure Reading

In my short time here at Middlebury, I estimate that on average, I read about 400 pages a week for class. This guess takes into[...]

Doesn’t Mean I’m Lonely When I’m Alone

I love to be alone. There is something so valuable about solitude, something so unique and singular, that I make a point to find it[...]

Choose Your Words Carefully

We need to change the way we interact with each other. Words are disconnected from speech, and the subsequent loss of emotion, rationality, and intent[...]

No Ambition? That’s Ok

My parents often ask about my future and about what I’m doing to prepare for a career. Most of these conversations descend into arguments, during[...]