Harry Cramer


Ditching the Dining Hall

Ask most Middlebury students for their favorite local restaurant in Middlebury, and you’d likely hear about Sabai Sabai, Flatbread Pizza, or Storm Cafe, to name[…]

Students and Vermonters Rally Against — and For — the XL Pipeline

On Tuesday, January 13, about 45 people gathered in front of Mead Chapel for a “rejection rally” against the Keystone XL pipeline, joining over 130 rejection rallies nationwide.

RAND Researches Pot Legalization in Vermont

Lawmakers will recieve a report this January on marijuana in Vermont: potential market prices, distribution locations and the revenue that full legalization might provide. The[…]

Marquis Theatre Opens in Town; Southwestern Restaurant Added

After nearly a year of renovations, Middlebury’s Marquis Theatre re-opened this Wednesday. The theater, originally built as a vaudeville house in 1939, had been closed[…]

Calvin McEathron Finishes Campaign

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, Calvin McEathron ’16 concluded his bid for the two-seat Addison-1 district in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Goddard Commencement Speech Sparks Debate

Comedy icon Jerry Seinfield reportedly receives over 200,000 dollars per graduation speech – a ludicrous sum by most standards. Last Sunday, Mumia Abu-Jamal’s commencement speech[…]

Vermont Reconsiders NECAP After Low Science Scores

According to a report released by the Vermont Agency of Education, statewide science scores slipped this year. Approximately 44 percent of fourth graders received a[…]

Vermont Seeks Shelters for Immigrants

The White House recently asked Governor Peter Shumlin if Vermont can harbor immigrants fleeing their homelands in Central America. Vermont is one of several states[…]

Vermont Senate Increases Minimum Wage

On May 5, the Vermont Senate passed a four-year, multi-tier plan to raise the minimum wage in Vermont to $10.50 per hour by 2018. In[…]

Vermont House Passes GMO Labeling Bill

On April 23, The Vermont House approved GMO labeling bill H112 by a margin of 114-30 and Governor Shumlin promised to sign the bill into law.

Vermont Battles Heroin Epidemic

One chilly September morning in 2011, Kristin Lundy heard someone ascend her front steps and knock on her door. When she opened it, police Sgt. Mike Fish asked her to gather everyone living in the house. “Your son is dead,” he said.

Proposed Legislation Mandates Taser Training

On Wednesday, April 9, Vermont Senate Government Operations Committee considered new legislation that would regulate taser use across Vermont.

IBM Lays Off More Vermont Workers

Roughly 140 employees at IBM’s Essex Junction plant lost their jobs this month, the most recent bout of layoffs in the company’s billion-dollar restructuring. The[…]

CCTA and Union Narrowly Avoid Strike

Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA), and the Teamsters Local No. 597 reached a settlement last Sunday, narrowly avoiding a strike that would have shut down[…]

Chili Warms Cold Festival Visitors

This Sunday, the streets of downtown Middlebury overflowed with hungry patrons at Middlebury’s sixth annual Chilifest. The booths, run by professional chefs and amateurs alike,[…]

1 in 8700: Sue Lahai and Tracy Raymond

Sue Lahai and Tracy Raymond have been cutting hair side by side at Bud’s Barbershop for over 18 years. The shop was opened in 1971[…]

The Lobby Resturant Opens

The Lobby, chef Michael Mahe’s most recent restaurant, opened for business on Feb. 15 on Bakery Lane. The French chef said that he’d been interested[…]

Green Mountain Coffee and Coca-Cola Strike Soda Deal

Coca-Cola announced last Wednesday that it will buy a 10 percent stake in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (G.M.C.R.), an investment of approximately 1.25 billion dollars.[…]

Buzz, One; Mother Nature, Zero

After just a few minutes aboard the white maintenance truck, Clinton Snyder, the landscape supervisor at the College, noticed that I had forgotten gloves.

Wind Farm Faces Opposition

Regardless of their opposition, residents of Ferdinand, VT, may witness construction on a 20-turbine wind farm atop the local Seneca Mountain. In a non-binding vote[…]

Abortion Bill Proposed

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, Vermont legislators proposed a new bill to formally decriminalize abortion statewide. The bill, S 315, was proposed by Senators Tim Ashe[…]

OSM Showcase Displays Student Work

On Friday, Nov. 22, approximately 75 student-tenants who utilized the Old Stone Mill this fall to pursue their creative projects showcased their work at Crossroads.[…]

The Alcoholic Side of Honey

Although mead is not typically stocked in fridges around campus, Ricky Klein, head brewmaster of the new Groennfell Meadery in Colchester, Vt., is confident that[…]

Burlington City Council Approves Gun Regulations

On Oct. 21, the Burlington City Council voted to approve several provisions of a new gun regulation in an effort to curb violence in Vermont.[…]

Symposium Launches Food Studies

On Oct. 5, the College held the Cultivating Food Literacy symposium, and McCullough Social Space filled with educators, students, and activists to discuss how to[…]

Vermont Implements New Healthcare

On Oct. 1, the Vermont Health Exchanges, the first of many sweeping health care reforms designed to propel the state towards a single-payer system, took[…]