Hye-Jin Kim


Pruning 101: Diseased, Dead and Dumb

The next time you walk by a tree, and a dead branch does not come crashing down, knocking you off your feet, you can thank the College’s Facilities Services Maintenance and Operations.

Tasting Something New: Go/Middbites

Go/middbites, a sweet (and savory!) website combines the convenience of go/menu with the creative content of student-created recipes.

Bio-methane Purchase Stirs Criticism

With the 2016 deadline of carbon neutrality looming closer, the College’s alternative energy profile is more diversified than ever. We’re powered by sun, wind, trees[...]

TEDx Speakers Burst Middlebury Bubble

TEDxMiddlebury screened three TED talks and hosted 10 speakers, including a current student, Alec MacMillen ’14, in the CFA this Saturday at 10 a.m. The speakers came from a wide range of expertise and backgrounds, but all focused on this year’s theme of “Research, Rethink, Rebuild.”