Hye-Jin Kim


Ross Pizza, From Oven to Plate

  The hardest part about making pizza at Ross dining hall last Friday night was resisting the urge to face-plant into the first disk of[...]

Behind the Vest: Mysterious CFA Vent Isn’t Blowing Off Steam

Ever wondered about the mysterious “steam” coming out of the in-ground grate near the Mahaney Center for the Arts? (Hint: it has to do with[...]

Happy Valley, the Apple of my Eye

Kati Daczkowski ’18 loves apples. When she went apple picking last weekend at Happy Valley Orchards, a 16-acre apple orchard just two miles from campus,[...]

A Story and Personality Beneath the Panda Hat

“Panda hat kid just dropped the top scoop of ice cream off his cone, caught it, and put it on #likeaboss.” “Panda hat kid talked[...]

Behind the Vest: Tales from the Front Desk of Office Manager Julie Rheaume

As this semester’s add and drop period winds down, chances are high you’ve filled out at least one add card. So, what happens to all[...]

Mary Jane in the Middlebury Classroom

If Hannah Sobel ’17.5’s linguistics study is valid, there won’t be any feminists left in the movement for marijuana legalization. Though Sobel doesn’t smoke, she[...]

Pruning 101: Diseased, Dead and Dumb

The next time you walk by a tree, and a dead branch does not come crashing down, knocking you off your feet, you can thank the College’s Facilities Services Maintenance and Operations.

Tasting Something New: Go/Middbites

Go/middbites, a sweet (and savory!) website combines the convenience of go/menu with the creative content of student-created recipes.

Bio-methane Purchase Stirs Criticism

With the 2016 deadline of carbon neutrality looming closer, the College’s alternative energy profile is more diversified than ever. We’re powered by sun, wind, trees[...]

TEDx Speakers Burst Middlebury Bubble

TEDxMiddlebury screened three TED talks and hosted 10 speakers, including a current student, Alec MacMillen ’14, in the CFA this Saturday at 10 a.m. The speakers came from a wide range of expertise and backgrounds, but all focused on this year’s theme of “Research, Rethink, Rebuild.”