Julia John


Ridgeline Community Treehouse Approved

Imagine looking out past the forest canopy onto the distant Adirondacks, the pink glow of the sunset spilling through their peaks. Imagine being suspended fifteen[…]

Earth Week Festivities Promote Activism & Awareness

The smell of burgers sizzling on the grill permeated the cold afternoon air in front of Proctor dining hall. Students representing various campus groups stood[…]

Dr. Tyrone Hayes Tells a Tale of Toads and Men

The lecture hall was already packed ten minutes before Dr. Tyrone Hayes, a squat man with a prominent kinky beard, large silver dangle earrings,and an engaging[…]

Sistah Vegan On Food Justice, Vegans of Color

er, peered out from behind the podium at Mead Chapel last Wednesday night, a small woman with a big afro and an even bigger passion[…]

Never “Members Only” at Mountain Club

Spots for Middlebury Mountain Club-led trips go fast. “They fill up in half an hour or less,” last year’s Head Guide Tess Sneeringer ’14.5 said.[…]

Easy Repairs at New Bike Fix-It Station

Remember that time that you wanted to fix your bike, but the Bike Shop was closed and you had to walk, drive, or hunt for[…]

In the Snow, Talk on “Saving Life on Earth”

A blizzard raged outside the Robert A. Jones ’59 House last Wednesday evening, but inside, the conference room was filled to its capacity of 100.[…]

Students Take Campus to Canvas

Azure heavens gently fading into blue over the spire of Mead Chapel, trees ablaze in the colors of fall below; the view going down College[…]

The Trustee Who Told Big Oil to Take a Hike

Patrick McConathy is an entrepreneur of diverse interests and accomplishments. From Colorado, he joined the Middlebury College Board of Trustees in 2005. McConathy brings to[…]

Real Food Discusses Complexity

On the evening of Thursday, April 11, Green Mountain College Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Philip Ackerman-Leist gave the keynote address for Real Food Week,[…]

Water Symposium Addresses Global Water Supply Crisis

Today the world faces a water crisis of unprecedented gravity. According to the U.N., 85 percent of the global population lives on the driest half[…]