Julia John


Dr. Tyrone Hayes Tells a Tale of Toads and Men

The lecture hall was already packed ten minutes before Dr. Tyrone Hayes, a squat man with a prominent kinky beard, large silver dangle earrings,and an engaging[...]

Sistah Vegan On Food Justice, Vegans of Color

er, peered out from behind the podium at Mead Chapel last Wednesday night, a small woman with a big afro and an even bigger passion[...]

Never “Members Only” at Mountain Club

Spots for Middlebury Mountain Club-led trips go fast. “They fill up in half an hour or less,” last year’s Head Guide Tess Sneeringer ’14.5 said.[...]

Easy Repairs at New Bike Fix-It Station

Remember that time that you wanted to fix your bike, but the Bike Shop was closed and you had to walk, drive, or hunt for[...]

In the Snow, Talk on “Saving Life on Earth”

A blizzard raged outside the Robert A. Jones ’59 House last Wednesday evening, but inside, the conference room was filled to its capacity of 100.[...]

Students Take Campus to Canvas

Azure heavens gently fading into blue over the spire of Mead Chapel, trees ablaze in the colors of fall below; the view going down College[...]

The Trustee Who Told Big Oil to Take a Hike

Patrick McConathy is an entrepreneur of diverse interests and accomplishments. From Colorado, he joined the Middlebury College Board of Trustees in 2005. McConathy brings to[...]

Real Food Discusses Complexity

On the evening of Thursday, April 11, Green Mountain College Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Philip Ackerman-Leist gave the keynote address for Real Food Week,[...]

Water Symposium Addresses Global Water Supply Crisis

Today the world faces a water crisis of unprecedented gravity. According to the U.N., 85 percent of the global population lives on the driest half[...]