Toby Aicher


College Upgrades the 24-Inch Telescope

More than 400 people visited the observatory to watch the lunar eclipse. The eclipse coincided with a supermoon, a rare event that only happens once[…]

New Filmmakers Festival is a Success

The first Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival (MNFF) was held this summer and ran from August 27-30. MNFF is tailored for new filmmakers, the underdogs of the film industry.

Science and Society: Funding the National Institute of Health

Despite the polarization of politics, Republicans and Democrats continue to unite on at least one issue: National Institute of Health, or NIH, funding. I was[…]

Science Spotlight: Women in Stem

Young river birches line McCardell Bicentennial Hall’s Walk of Science, which leads up to one of the building’s second floor entrances. Of the ten famous[…]

Science Spotlight: Nobel Laureate Carol Greider

Nobel Laureate Carol Greider gave a lecture last week on how she helped solve one of molecular biology’s fundamental mysteries: why are germ cell lines immortal?

Science Spotlight: Stem Cell Lecture

This year’s class of ’88 lecture series speaker Hugh Taylor addressed the question, “Will Stem Cells Stop the Biologic Clock?” The Yale School of Medicine[…]

Science Spotlight: Computer Science and Social Justice

Lawyers are expensive, and many Americans can’t afford quality legal representation.  Last Friday, Nov. 14, Vermont Law School Professors Oliver Goodenough and Jeannette Eicks gave[…]

Science and Society: The Thousand Dollar Genome

Last year Heather Dewey-Hagborg became the world’s first DNA portrait artist. For her controversial art project Stranger Visions, she collected genetic detritus such as hair,[…]

Science Spotlight: Nobel Laureate Martin Chalfie

Nobel laureate and Columbia University Professor of Biological Sciences Martin Chalfie visited the College last Thursday, Oct. 16 to give two lectures. One talk focused[…]

Science and Society: Rosetta Space Mission

In early November, the Rosetta space mission will land on a comet. Arguably as momentous as putting a rover on Mars or a man on[…]

Science Spotlight: School of the Environment

The College is a surprisingly busy place during the summer, with its hodgepodge of researchers, employees, Bread Loaf students, and language learners. This summer, 11[…]

Science Spotlight: Senior Science Theses

The physicist Richard Feynman once wrote “we are very lucky to be living in an age in which we are still making discoveries… and that[…]

Science Spotlight: BiHall’s New Telescope Operator

When I tell people I go to Middlebury, the second most frequent question I’m asked, after “Where is that?” is, in its blunt variation, “Why[…]

Lecturer Links Biology and Art

Cameron Visiting Artist Jake Winiski gave a lecture titled “How an Artist Becomes A Biologist” last Tuesday, Feb, 25. In his talk Winiski detailed an[…]

Science Spotlight: Octopus Biology

I had noticed a couple of times a locked door in Bihall with pictures of octopuses and a sign “octopi wallstreet”, so when my friend[…]

Science Spotlight: Bio Speaker on Campus

Renowned Biologist and Science educator Sean Carroll came to the College last Thursday, Nov. 14, and gave two talks, one on his recently published book[…]

Science Spotlight: Alchemistry pHun!

The fact that each chemical equation scribbled on a blackboard often translates into a spectacular, real life occurrence is easily underappreciated. For instance, eyes may[…]

Science Spotlight: The Foraging Club

A walk in the woods with a forager reveals all the neglected treats. As Jake Faber ’16 strolls along the forest floor he scans the[…]

Five New Professors Join Science Staff

It can be intimidating to step into a professor’s office. With complex computer algorithms scribbled on black boards and overflowing shelves filled with worn books,[…]