College Celebrates Annual Alumni of Color Weekend

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Sponsored by the Anderson Freeman Resource Center (AFC), the weekend featured a variety of speakers and events for members of the Middlebury community to establish connections with one another.

Professor Brings Exhibit on Acropolis

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With the start of J-term, the Middlebury College Museum of Art has brought a brand new exhibition to campus, titled “Untouched by Time: The Athenian Acropolis from Pericles to Parr.”

Cowboy Mouth Captures Feeling of ’70s

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As I made my way inside, I quickly noticed that the crew had done away with the Zoo’s traditional proscenium seating, instead opting to set out a variety of cushions and pillows that allowed the audience to sit on the floor.

Storytelling and Discussion at InspirASIANal Voices

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Last year, a group of students put together an event designed to bring students of Asian backgrounds together to share stories about their experiences to the wider community.

Burgin Lodge: A Perfect Winter Getaway Trip

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Built in honor of Ian Burgin ’08, the Burgin Lodge opened just a few weeks ago on one of the trails at Rikert Nordic Center.

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