Thanking PCI Contributors

By Guest Contributor

Speaking on behalf of colleagues at the Project on Creativity and Innovation (PCI), many thanks to the Campus for running the series of articles last week about the opportunities that PCI has assembled for students. Alongside all educators at Middlebury — faculty and staff alike, on the Vermont campus and beyond — we are honored to do our part in helping to implement President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz’s vision for the 21st-century liberal arts. Yet while PCI’s programs received the attention in your special section, your readers should know how many colleagues have helped to make the PCI, in its current incarnation, a reality. They include (here we go!) Mary Stanley, Thad Stowe, Norm Cushman, Pam Norton, Tom Corbin, Lyn DeGraff, Mary Reed, Tammy Grant, Jennifer Pottinger, Maria Farnsworth, Corinna Noelke, Jenna Bronson, Maggie Paine, Pam Fogg, Bob Cluss, Sue Levine, Kris Williams, Blair Kloman, Meghan Williamson, Dave Donahue, Shirley Collado, Patrick Norton, Dave Kloepfer, Adella Langrock, Dianne Munroe, Missy Foote, Mike Morgan, Stever Bartlett, Matt Jennings, Public Safety, Tim Etchells, Kelly Rizzo, Susan Baldridge, Danielle Madison, Valerie Costello, Nate Burt, Tim Spears, Pieter Broucke, Matt Biette, Tiffany Sargent, Media Services, Mike Pixley, Ashley Calkins and Tracy Himmel Isham, among many others, as well as Ron and Jessica Liebowitz and whoever we have inevitably forgotten! At PCI, we take seriously the motto, “How can we help?”  In part we do so because so many colleagues over the years have helped us shape the vision and execution of PCI, on behalf of current and future Middlebury students. Down at 118 South Main Street (come visit!), we are very thankful for the leadership, collaboration and support of so many.

Written by ELIZABETH ROBINSON ’84, director of the Project on Creativity and Innovation