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MCAB announces executive board

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The Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) has appointed the executive board members for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Nadia Schreiber ’12, who will serve as president of the Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) in the coming academic year, hopes to boost attendance for traditional events while simultaneously trying out new ideas.

“I hope to encourage the development of new and unique programming, so that we get away from doing the same events over and over again,” wrote Schreiber in an email. “I think there is also an expectation that we do certain events — such as Fall Frenzy and [the Homecoming formal] — and I would like to make attendance at these events better, and find out why maybe people haven’t attended in the past.”

Schreiber’s goals include working to continue this year’s trend of increased attendance at events, using new venues for events and revitalizing the Inter-Commons Council and encouraging the commons to collaborate on more programming.

Schrieber believes that her experience on both sides of the board will help create unity among MCAB executives.

“I think that having been both a committee chair and a commons chair gives me a unique perspective into the challenges of each position,” wrote Scrieber in an email. “I hope that I can both make the commons chairs feel that they serve more of a purpose in the larger MCAB community, as well as ensure that the rest of the Execs know that commons programming is equally important.”

The MCAB executive board is comprised of the chairs of the five MCAB committees: concerts committee, marketing committee, social committee, speakers committee and traditions committee. Chairs from each residential commons also hold voting power on the executive board. The executive board members — in addition to individual responsibilities pertaining to their own committees or commons — vote on any MCAB event that requires $10,000 or more in funding.

Applicants for the executive board can come from any student on campus, although Perille explained that preference is given to those with experience on the MCAB committees. The board is chosen by a selection committee comprised of current board members who will not be returning the following year, Associate Dean of Students Doug Adams and David Kloepfer technical coordinator for the Center for Campus Activities and Leadership (CCAL).

Maria Perille ’11, current MCAB president, believes that the next board’s strength comes from its diversity of perspectives.

“We had an emphasis during the selection committee interviews for the executive board on mixing things up,” said Perille. [For example,] not just taking people on concert committee to be concert committee chairs. Although people usually feel that it’s logical to just apply to the committee they’re already on, we actually encourage movement between the committees because that’s how good ideas get spread and [it creates] more collaboration between the committees.”

Selection for commons chairs is determined individually by each commons.

Students who serve on MCAB committees, known as the General Board, can submit applications at the beginning of the academic year and in February. All students are eligible to apply. Each committee is comprised of approximately 10 students.

Perille hopes that next year’s executive board will build off of the successes from this year.

“We had an emphasis on trying new things this year. Concerts [committee] came up with the Bunker series and brought different types of acts, like Dean and Britta,” said Perille. “Even marketing [committee] tried new things by painting on dining hall windows. There was an emphasis on trying new things, taking risks and hoping it would pay off, and I think it has.”

Perille explained how MCAB expanded its programming timeframe by hosting dinners if Atwater Dining Hall and Sunday evening Zumba sessions.

“We usually focus on programming Thursday through Saturday, but it’s also nice to have events during the week,” said Perille.

Perille hopes that MCAB will continue to strengthen its ties to the Student Government Association (SGA). Current SGA President Riley O’Rourke ’12 presently sits on the speakers committee, but Perille hopes MCAB can reinstate a more permanent connection.

MCAB has traditionally had a treasurer who is appointed by the head of the SGA Finance Committee.

A treasurer, according to Perille, “would make sure there’s communication between SGA and MCAB, so they [the SGA] know how we’re using our budget.”

Perille explained how this year’s board benefited from feedback provided by the all-student survey released last fall.

“The results were a little bit surprising to us because [many people] said that the music they prefer is alternative music. It’s always difficult appealing to what kind of music people want, and with our small, medium and large-scale shows we’ve been trying to appeal to everyone.”

“We learned that people really value the small events — like MAD [Music and Drinks] every Thursday and Trivia night,” added Perille.

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