From the President’s Desk

By Guest Contributor

It’s J-Term — a time to indulge in all Middlebury has to offer. One glorious month when students learn how to speak Swahili, go skiing from dawn to dusk, watch an entire season of Homeland (relatively) guilt-free and have time to do really fun things, like take surveys!

The SGA is always looking for ways to serve the student body, and the Arnowitz administration spent many long hours over break crafting the SGA Student Life Survey, an all-encompassing questionnaire that is designed to capture the current state of the student experience at Middlebury.

Why take the SGA Student Life Survey, you ask? The reasons are simple:

1) Are you serious? This will only take you 10 minutes. And it’s J-Term. You have all the time in the world.

2) Get a chance to say what you’ve been thinking all last semester. Do you have an opinion about anything at Middlebury? Anything? Stand up and express yourself! Do you care about how we invest our endowment? Are you sick of laundry machines that are always full? Do you want to see more Tavern dance parties? Do you want President Arnowitz to grow a beard? The possibilities are endless.

3) This is data that the SGA, College administrators and dozens of other on-campus groups will actually use. SGA is looking for new ideas and student input on a number of different initiatives and before we can move forward, we need to hear from you. If we get real data from the student body, we’ll be able to do so much more. In addition, we’ll be willing to share the results with any students or student organizations that might find it helpful, but it will only be as useful as the responses we receive. Be a responsible student! Take the Student Life Survey!

4) And if you don’t feel the need to express yourself or you don’t feel the need to do your civic duty and support your government, we’re willing to bribe you! We’ve already raffled off two $50 Amazon gift cards. See what apathy gets you? But don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways to win. We’re raffling off 10 $20 Amazon gift cards, two $20 College Bookstore gift cards, and $25 gift cards to American Flatbread, Storm Cafe, Sabai Sabai and Carol’s Hungry Mind. And if that’s not attractive enough, we’re offering OVER 40 NEW YORK TIMES DRAWSTRING BAGS! Want a bag that says, “I’m athletic and sporty, but I’m also intellectual, worldly and well-read?” Look no further! These bags are almost guaranteed to score you a date with your Proctor crush.

So, help us help you. Find that old email from [email protected], or keep an eye out for reminders in the coming week. Take those 10 minutes so that we can have the information we need to make this coming semester at Middlebury the best one yet.

Written by SGA Chief of Staff ANNA ESTEN ’13 and Deputy Chief of Staff BRIAN CLOW ’13