Corrections: “Room 404 Features Unconventional Stories”

By Guest Contributor

Last week the Campus published an article on Room 404, a new student publication. They ran an early draft of the article that was largely inaccurate. If you’re interested in the publication, here are some notes to give you an idea of what it’s actually about.

Last week’s article stated that Room 404 “does not solicit submissions.” We definitely do solicit submissions — that’s where the content comes from. We are not, however, looking for completed work. We are looking for ideas for new projects, or perhaps projects that were started but never finished. All pieces in Room 404 are developed and edited collaboratively by multiple contributors, so completed work doesn’t fit the bill. Room 404 is a place to develop a project in collaboration with others.

The original article states that Room 404 emphasizes the creative process over making “flawless” pieces of work. While the publication is based on working in a collaborative creative community, that doesn’t entail sacrificing good or “flawless” products. In fact, we collaborate on all the pieces for the publication precisely in order to make the best work we can.

Lastly, the original article says to look around campus for copies of Room 404’s first issue . In fact, we are not distributing the publication by leaving it around campus. Email us at [email protected] with your mailbox number (or mailing address if you live off campus) to get an issue, and we will deliver one to you.

The Campus has published a revised version of last week’s article online.

Written by MOSS TURPAN ’14, co-editor of Room 404