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Timeflies Headlines Spring Concert

Timeflies, formed at Tufts University, is comprised of Rob Resnick, known as Rez, and Cal Shapiro.

Timeflies, formed at Tufts University, is comprised of Rob Resnick, known as Rez, and Cal Shapiro.

By Kathryn DeSutter


On Friday, April 12, the Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) will host hip-hop duo Timeflies in Pepin Gymnasium for the annual spring concert. Tickets for the show will go on sale Feb. 25, and will be $14 for students. After two weeks, tickets will be released to the public at $25.

Timeflies’s music has taken on labels including pop, electronic, dance and “frat rap,” among others. The duo labels their own music as “electro-hip-pop-dub-something.” Timeflies formed in 2010 when Rob Resnick, known as Rez, and Cal Shapiro met while performing together in a funk band at Tufts University. Shapiro is Timeflies’s vocalist while Rez produces the music.

MCAB Concerts Committee co-chairs Molly Sprague ’13 and Nick Mallchok ’14.5 are excited about bringing the high-energy group to campus.

“Timeflies is an up-and-coming band with new ideas about how to play with music,” said Sprague.

Timeflies has not yet informed MCAB if they will be providing their own opening act. In the event Timeflies does not provide its own act, MCAB will find a band.

Sprague and Mallchok discussed how they utilized the MCAB survey — which received over 1,000 responses last fall — to gauge student opinion for the concert. While there was demand for an outdoor concert similar to last spring’s Guster show, Sprague explained that they were hesitant to “put all [their] eggs in one basket” in case of weather conditions. Instead, Sprague, Mallchok and their fellow committee members followed students’ expressed interest in an indoor dance show.

“We try to satisfy as many students’ music tastes as we can,” said Mallchok.

Timeflies’s 2011 debut album, “The Scotch Tape,” hit number eight on the iTunes chart just 24 hours after its release. The hit “Swoon” from Timeflies’s “One Night” EP, released in 2012, also topped the iTunes charts.

If the show is not sold out, tickets at the door will be $20 for students and $30 for the general public. Advanced tickets can be purchased through the Box Office.

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