MiddChallenge: The Best of Both Worlds

By Guest Contributor

In my opinion, people tend to feel one of two ways about summer. They are either anticipating the break from the routine of the academic year, eager for a change of scene and schedule, or they are anxious at the thought of being away from campus and separating from the community and resources that are available to us from September to May. Honestly, I think most people feel a bit of both as we read our various “Hot New Opportunities Added on MOJO” emails.

There are few summer options that bridge the gap between these two feelings. On one hand, many internships are uncompensated, uninteresting and give us little room to express ourselves. On the other end of the spectrum, branching out completely on our own is both daunting and often unfeasible. If you’ve contemplated any of these pickles during this, the summer-planning season, I encourage you to consider applying for MiddChallenge 2013.

MiddChallenge is looking for project proposals in the categories of Arts, Business and Education, Outreach & Policy. Finalists will pitch their proposals to a panel of judges on March 15-16. Winners will be given $3,000 for the summer, access to Middlebury’s summer room and board program, office space and alumni mentoring.

A MiddChallenge grant offers the best of both worlds when it comes to summer plans. It provides a break from packed schedules of the academic year without severing the support and resources the College community can provide. Above all else, it gives participants the opportunity and resources to focus on something that they believe and come out of the summer having worked on a pretty awesome project.

For more information go/middchallenge.  Applications are due on March 9.

Written by JOANNIE THOMPSON ’14 of Rosemont, Penn.