Prospective Students’ Account

By Guest Contributor

My passion lies in the heartbeat of the Earth. With its warming hands and nurturing care, the Earth provides me with everything I need. There is nothing more that I wish for than to protect the place that gives me life. When I heard about Middlebury, I thought I found the perfect school for me. Now that I’ve just visited it, the confirmation is to be made. I have walked the paths of Middlebury and met people with the same concerns as me, and as I visit, I thrive and my spirit seems to be free. The school represents a beacon of hope for the Earth, but as I walked through Middlebury’s land, I heard of the kinds of investments Middlebury was making. Middlebury’s support of fossil fuel companies and its funding of arms manufacturing and military contracting, due to lack of screens, greatly concerns me.  Before I attended Discover Middlebury, I did some research on the College. What I found is that Middlebury is greatly concerned about environmental issues, but now that I am hearing about the funding that Middlebury is providing towards the destruction of the Earth, I am dumbfounded. My desire to attend Middlebury is high — I believe it is the place for me. Yet, as a prospective student, I want this place to be true to its morals. I would like to attend a school that I know has a good foundation and truly stands up for justice and what is right.

Written by KEENIA SHINAGAWA, a Prospective Student 

We, as a part of Discover Middlebury, have discovered how great this school is, but also that it has much room to improve. We would love to come to Middlebury as a school that stands up to its values. We love to see the student involvement here, and appreciate the warm welcome since we were able to be involved.

Written by Prospective Students PERLA SIBAJA of Los Angeles, Calif.;  FELIX RUANO of Los Angeles, Calif.; CARLOS AGUILAR of Los Angeles, Calif.; BIANCA GONZALEZ of Taos, N.M.; CHRISTINA CHYR of Miami, Fla.; URIEL ULLOA of Los Angeles, Calif.