The Middlebury Moth: Rude Awakenings

The Middlebury Moth

On Thursday, Feb. 21, students packed the Gamut Room for “The Middlebury Moth: Rude Awakenings.” The Middlebury Moth, modeled after The Moth New York City, features student storytellers who must tell true stories focused on a specific theme without consulting notes. On Thursday, stories ranged from a tale of including a Public Safety officer on a mass email about “drunk dinner” to an account of a harrowing run-in in the mountains of Mexico. Between stories, hosts Cody Gohl ’13, Rachel Liddell ’15 and Luke Greenway ‘14.5 read answers collected from the audience before the show that responded to the question “Where did you wake up?”

Click below to listen to the entire event. Student presenters, in order and with start time in parentheses, are as follows: Jasmine Ross ’16 (00:1:40); Nate Rifkin ’15 (00:14:45); Aoife Duna ‘16.5 (00:29:48); Nick Libbey ’13 (00:43:08); Audrey Tolbert ’13 (1:00:12); and Nicholas Hemerling ‘14.5 (1:22:42).


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