Russian DJ Addresses Protest Climate


Artemy Troitsky, the first Russian DJ and the country’s foremost rock journalist, spoke to a crowd at the Robert A. Jones ’59 Conference Room on Monday, Feb. 25. He now teaches in the Journalism Department at Moscow State University and remains actively involved in the television and radio world. Troitsky spoke of the grassroots protest movements sprouting throughout Russia, as resistance to President Vladimir Putin grows. Most resistance is being expressed via music, video and art. Troitsky sported his personally designed Pussy Riot t-shirt during the lecture, while he played mutlimedia examples of current protest efforts that convey frustration with Putin and his authoritarian rule. Additionally, Troitsky is spearheading what he coins the country’s “musical protest action.” He has over 360 bands contributing to the anti-Putin“White Album,” available online. Inspired by the Beetles’ 1968 album by the same name, Troitsky said when the US attempted to do the same during Occupy Wallstreet, only 99 bands were featured.

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