College Accepts Class of 2017

College Accepts Class of 2017

By Isabelle Dietz


Middlebury offered 1,750 students admission to the class of 2017 in the most competitive and diverse admission process in the College’s history. Three hundred and fifty of these students were admitted in early February or Early Decision last December, and Regular Admission decisions were available online at 8 a.m. on  March 23.

“Interest in Middlebury remains high and we are heartened that so many wonderful students continue to be interested in joining our community,” said Director of Admissions Manuel Carballo.

The record number of 9,112 applications submitted to the College is a three percent increase from 2012. Though the College’s average acceptance rate for the last five years has been 20 percent, this year its admission rate dropped down to 19 percent over all. 35 percent of Early Decision applicants were admitted, whereas the acceptance rate for regular decision applicants was 17 percent.

“It is especially exciting to see that our applicant pool continues to become more diverse,” said Carballo. “The growing competition makes the selection process tougher every year, but in the end we are able to bring a wonderful class to join the Middlebury family.”

Not only was the applicant pool for the Class of 2017 highly competitive – it was also historically diverse.

“We can only comment right now on admitted students, not the actual class,” said Dean of Admissions Greg Buckles, “I can say that our application numbers for students of color, international students and first-generation students were the highest in the College’s history this year – we’re pleased with and proud of those results.”

Middlebury had a record of just over 2,000 applications from students of color, which represents a 15 percent increase from last year and the accepted pool of students includes 11 percent more students of color admissions than last year.

“I believe an increase in diversity for the campus could only mean an increase in the range of experiences and an even more versatile incoming class,” said Tim Garcia ’14, co-president of the Distinguished Men of Color.

The admissions office received roughly 2,000 applications from international students this year, an increase of 8.7 percent from last year, with students applying from 129 different countries. Applications were received from all 50 states in addition to Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The admitted students to the class of 2017 are from 77 countries and all 50 states.

“After going to Toronto and presenting at a number of high schools for Middlebury, I am thrilled to see that the College has been receiving a greater number of international applicants,” said Emma Kitchen ’14.5, who worked with the admissions office. “The admissions office has been working very hard to do as many presentations as possible and it has clearly been effective. […] These students get to come to Midd and bring a whole different set of experiences, that I believe greatly adds to the colleges unique and driven student body.”

12.3 percent of students applying to the College indicated on their application that they are the first member of their family to attend a four-year college, a 12.9 percent increase from last year. Of these first-generation students,  20.4 percent more were admitted than last year.

“The varied life experiences and talent of the Class of 2017 is a promising signal of the College’s belief in the added value of diversity and inclusive excellence,” said Dean of the College and Chief Diversity Officer Shirley M. Collado. “We are energized by the shifting demographics of Middlebury applicants from all around the country and the globe.  These students are coming with life stories, broad perspectives and incredible appetite for learning on a College campus that is committed to providing dynamic learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.  I can’t wait to meet these students and welcome them to our campus.”

The College admits an average of 170 recruited athletes each year, and the number for the Class of 2017 is expected to be similar.

Financial aid was a priority for the Admissions Office this year; the College hopes to award approximately 43 percent of the incoming class aid. This will be the highest percentage in several years, though aid is always an important consideration.

“Financial aid has always been a top priority for [Middlebury],” said Associate Vice President for Student Financial Services Kim Downs-Burns. “Middlebury is one of the few colleges in the country that commits to a ‘need-blind’ admission process while meeting the full demonstrated financial need of every student. We expect to spend approximately $9.5 million in institutional funding for the class of 2017, [and] we spent almost $9.4 million last year for the class of 2016.”

Admitted students are invited to campus for preview days on April 17-19, and have until May 1 to accept their position. The College anticipates that roughly 600 students will matriculate in September 2013 and another 100 in February 2014.

“We are looking forward to welcoming many of them during Preview Days, our accepted student’s weekend,” said Carballo. “We hope you will join us in welcoming them so that they will choose Midd!”