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The editors of There's Only One named Lauren Greer '13 athlete of the year.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF of There’s Only One

Welcome to the inaugural edition of There’s Only One Middlebury Sports Magazine, created by the editors of the Middlebury Campus. Free from the usual slate of weekly coverage, There’s Only One hopes to capture a different side of Middlebury athletics, simultaneously delving into the annals of the College’s history while further exploring the current state of sports at Middlebury.

From a never-to-be-broken rebounding record established in 1956 to a record-setting two-sport athlete in 2013, Middlebury has consistently fostered tremendous athletic achievement. Over that time certain programs have mobilized significant change at the national level while others have formed equally important relationships within the town itself. And during it all, Middlebury has seen the rise of sport-specific training and its effect on the fitness level and health of its athletes.

But while the athletes — and the venues in which they compete — have changed over time, the role of athletics in society has remained constant. Between the whistles, athletic competition strives to be organic, unscripted drama. As fans we are trained to focus our collective attention for this period of time, committing moments, plays and statistics to memory.

Beyond the box score, however, the sports that we love have the unique ability to create common ground where there otherwise might not be any. Our shared love for athletics can be a powerful agent of change by cutting through greater cultural differences, though it can also have the effect of reinforcing those differences. As journalists, therefore, our responsibility is to place the game, in all its detail, within this greater context.

As students, that context is Middlebury. While our experiences are confined to a four-year window, There’s Only One attempts to capture the vast landscape of Middlebury athletics, past and present, spanning from the Green Mountains in one direction to the Adirondacks in the other.

Finally, we would like to thank those people who made this production, which has been a goal of ours for more than a year, a success. Specifically we would like to recognize Kathryn DeSutter ’13, Michelle Smoller ’13, Olivia Allen ’15, Marea Hatheway ’15 and Quinn Proffer ’13, all of whom went out of their way to help us create something we are immensely proud of.

We hope you enjoy reading There’s Only One as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Middlebury has a storied history of athletic achievement — one documented by an equally impressive tradition of journalistic and literary excellence. To this we add our contribution.

With excitement and gratitude,


CLICK HERE to download the PDF of There’s Only One

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