Community Letter of Support for Anna

By Guest Contributor

Anna Shireman-Grabowski ’14.5 is a member of the Middlebury College community. She is our classmate, our co-worker and our friend. She has cared for us, taught us, learned with us and challenged us.

We acknowledge that Anna’s actions on Sept. 11 were deeply offensive and/or triggering for many (including several of the undersigned). Anna has taken responsibility for her actions, and has apologized for the suffering she has caused. She hopes to be held accountable to this community and we support her in her efforts.

We also want to recognize that it is not acceptable that there are members of our community who are making our campus – our shared home – unsafe for Anna. Anna does not deserve the cyberbullying, violent hate mail and personal threats that she has been receiving over the last week. Like any other member of this community, she has a right to due process and a right to safety.

This action and its responses have reminded us that we need to commit to creating a community where we challenge each other in safe, accountable ways. We should all feel secure here. We should also expect to feel uncomfortable as members of a liberal arts community that asks us to engage in difficult dialogue. Here at Middlebury we learn how to become comfortable with discomfort, to engage critically with information and to take action only after careful consideration.

We support Anna as a member of this community even as we disagree with her actions. We also support our broader community in coming together and moving forward after this incident. Grappling together with the issues of colonialism, patriotism, genocide and protest will continue to be challenging, but these sorts of discussions are at the heart of a liberal arts education. We have the tools to process this in a healing, constructive way. Let us use them.

Current Students:

Sara Bachman ’13.5

Cailey Cron ’13.5

Grace Donovan ’13.5

Anna Mack ’13.5

Hanna Mahon ’13.5

Adina Marx-Arpadi ’13.5

Jessica Munyon ’13.5

Molly Rose-Williams ’13.5

Ada Santiago ’13.5

Anna Stevens ’13.5

Allie Weinstein ’13.5

Luke Whelan ’13.5

Zoe Anderson ’14

Feliz Baca ’14

Luke Carroll Brown ’14

Maddie Dai ’14

Alex Jackman ’14

Kristina Johansson ’14

Jenny Marks ’14

Rachel Nuñez ’14

Ian Stewart ’14

Ben Anderson ’14.5

Hannah Bristol ’14.5

Katie Michels ’14.5

Hannah Rae Murphy ’14.5

Greta Neubauer ’14.5

Josh Swartz ’14.5

Sam Tolzmann ’14.5

Julia Welsh ’14.5

Olivia W. Allen ’15

Jeannie Bartlett ’15

Claudia Esteva ’15

Camila Fernandez ’15

Forest Jarvis ’15

Kate McCreary ’15

Priscilla Odinmah ’15

Alice Oshima ’15

Jackie Jaehee Park ’15

Krisztina Pjeczka ’15

Alex Strott ’15

Philip Williams ’15

Dave Yedid ’15

Afi Yellow-Duke ’15

Kate Hamilton ’15.5

Olivia Heffernan ’15.5

Luis Fernando Sandoval Jimenez ’15.5

Mara Moettus ’15.5

Molly Stuart ’15.5

Aashna Aggarwal ’16

Maya Doig-Acuna ’16

Adrian Leong ’16

Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon ’16

Anu Biswas ’16.5

Cassidy Campbell Mueller ’16.5

Rebecca Coates-Finke ’16.5

Adam Kelley ’16.5

Nellie Pierce ’16.5

Veronica Rodriguez ’16.5

Reem Rosenhaj ’16.5


Greg Dennis ’74

Toren Hardee ’11

Ben Blackshear ’12

Janet Gehrmann ’12

Alex Margarite ’12

Rhiya Trivedi ’12

Julia Deutsch ’13

Ashley Guzman ’13

Carllee James ’13

Sam Koplinka-Loehr ’13

Ari Lattanzi ’13

Nick Libbey ’13

Vanessa Neergheen ’13

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