It is Easy Being Green

By Guest Contributor

Trigger Warning: References to sexual assault.

It’s the green issue – hip hip hooray!

For so long have we waited for this very day!

A day to discuss the power of Green!

‘Cause Green runs our school, you know what we mean?

It takes Green money to keep this place sterile and clean –

We should be grateful for all our school’s Green!

Green gives us comfort and safety and joy –

Lets us run through Green fields and play with Green toys!

But what happens when something’s not right,

When a once-smiley student cries her way home at night?

(What’s a Midd kid to do, when he hears the word ‘no’

When he knows the strength of the Green hills is His also?)

She talks to her friends, to the appropriate deans,

She’s told to stop drinking, to not make a scene.

Some offer support and try to fight for her case,

But their efforts prove futile with this system in place.

No one would take action, how could this be?

She thought Green was comfort, was home, was safety!

Where is she now? We don’t pretend to know -—

Living back home, in your class in Munroe?

Or perhaps she is writing this poem today

To tell her Green school in the cleverest way:

We know that Green is the reason assault is hush-hush,

Can’t tell the public – donations are a must!

But education means s— if students aren’t safe,

It’s for students not donors that we run this place.

We may be carbon neutral by 2016

But nothing will change ‘till we stand up to Green.

Oh and one last point that we cannot escape:

It is easy being Green. It’s not easy being raped.