Crossroads Swimming in Sushi Profits

By Nitya Mankad

With the addition of Sushi with Gusto, Crossroads is experiencing an increase in both revenue and customers. The formerly entirely student-run retail operation was brought under the jurisdiction of the College this fall and is led by General Manager of Retail Food Operations David Cannistra.

Crossroads does not have a ventilation system to allow for on-site cooking, limiting the operations’ offerings to cold preparations.

“From the day I came here, I have always been looking for a sushi vendor [due to Crossroads’ cooking limitations],” Cannistra said. Following the College’s approval, Cannistra contacted Sushi with Gusto to see if they would extend their food services to the College.

Since September, there have been over 7,000 orders of sushi at Crossroads, MiddExpress and Wilson Café, resulting in a substantial increase in profit. Crossroads’ customer numbers have also risen to approximately 5,000 people, 75 percent of whom are students, making purchases. As a result, sales of other Crossroads goods, including smoothies, bakery items and Aqua Vitea kombucha have also increased. Crossroads’ extended hours and regular Pub Nights have contributed to both increased activity and greater student employees.

Between September 2012 and November 2012, Crossroads brought in $6,071. During the same time period this year, Crossroads made over $43,000 — more than Crossroads’ profit for the entirety of the 2012-2013 academic year. Wilson Café, too, has experienced an 11 percent increase in revenue, largely due to the introduction of Sushi with Gusto.

While no longer student-run, Crossroads continues to employ student managers. Cannistra cited such students contributing to the success of the retail operation for their organization and support in sharing the prep space with Sushi with Gusto.

“We’ve had administrators here for years that have never felt the energy in Crossroads like it has had lately,” Cannistra said, optimistic about the food operation’s future.