Follow the Money

By Emilie Munson

The Middlebury Campus brought big money out of the shadows this week. We distributed surveys polling our personal spending habits, where our spending money comes from and where we think the money comes from when we see others charge everything to their cards. The results of 109 surveys distributed across Proctor dining hall and classes revealed a set of new statistics. (Disclaimer: the data were gathered from informal polls and are not representative of the entire student body).

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 Most surprising of the polled results: while 31 percent of students get their spending money from family, 58 percent of students believe that the spending money among their peers is funded by their parents. In fact, most students — 38 percent — are spending money saved from previous jobs. Since money is a sorepoint, money doesn’t talk on this campus. But in this week’s spread, we ask: what would it say if it could?

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