An Apology from Tavern

By Guest Contributor

To the Middlebury Community,

This weekend, we at Tavern hosted our annual first weekend party.  We’d like to thank everyone who showed up and helped make that party the success it was — we saw a lot of people having a great time, and we were happy to host you.

While we got a lot of positive feedback from many who attended the party, we are writing to address some of the negative feedback we got in response to our theme: Naughty Schoolgirl, Dirty Professor.  We’d like to apologize to anyone who was offended by our theme.  This was never our intent.

Naughty Schoolgirl, Dirty Professor has been a Tavern first-weekend tradition.  Our current members did not come up with the theme, we just continued on with a theme name that started before any of we, the current membership, arrived on campus.  We understand now that this is one tradition that needs further consideration and discussion.

At Tavern we strive to create an inclusive, positive and fun community.  Our biggest regret is throwing a party with a theme that anyone would find offensive.  Know that we will keep this situation in mind in all of our future endeavors, and especially in theming our parties.  We apologize again and hope to see you at another Tavern event soon.

CONOR LUCK ’15 is the president of Tavern and is from Laporte, Ind.

KELSEY O’DAY ’15 is the vice president of Tavern and is from Fairfield, Conn.