Alienating Alumni

By Guest Contributor

 To the Editor,

Along with many of my fellow alumni, I read with dismay that alcohol and music have been banned from tailgating at Middlebury athletic events, including Homecoming. It’s part of a broader pattern that we have observed with disappointment from afar since graduation, as officials at the College sanitize and red-tape the campus social scene into virtual non-existence. It now seems that this needless urge to regulate every aspect of life at the College will also extend to alumni during our return visits.

This is exactly the sort of action that will negatively impact alumni views of the way our alma mater is being run and will make us feel disconnected from the institution we knew. I sincerely hope the College’s administration reconsiders this move.


Derek Schlickeisen ’09

DEREK SCHLICKEISEN ’09 lives in Washington, D.C.