Student Struck by Car Raises Safety Concern

By Christian Jambora

Last Friday, Feb. 13, a student was struck by a car while crossing College Street at night. The incident, which took place near Adirondack Circle at approximately 12:20 a.m., left the student with multiple injuries. 

The student hit was on the phone with his brother when he was struck by a moving motor vehicle which was being operated by other students from the College. 

The victim was lifted off the ground and broke through the windshield of the car. Another student in the area heard the accident and rushed to the victim’s aid.

“[The student who helped me] is a champ; he heard the incident from a couple hundred yards away and stabilized my head until the EMTs came,” the victim said.

Shortly afterward, Middlebury Police and Public Safety arrived to the scene with an ambulance and transported the victim to Porter Hospital. He was released later that morning.

The sergeant from the Middlebury Police Department who is working to investigate the case failed to respond to a request for comment by the Campus.

The victim has a concussion and is sustaining a bruised jaw, ribs and legs. “Mostly, it just feels like I have been hit by a car,” said the victim.

He added, “I don’t remember being hit or where I was on the ground.”

This was not the first incident concerning student safety on College Street. Last fall, Public Safety sent an email to all students at the College concerning several instances where drivers of cars and pickup trucks threw objects and shouted at students walking near the road. 

Although no students were harmed on these occasions, the incidents contributed to an ongoing concern for the safety of students on College Street.

College Street, which runs from downtown Middlebury through the College and turns into Route 125 as it continues past the College, is one of the busiest roads on campus.

Public Safety works with the College and the town to ensure student safety on and off campus.

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