The Campus Voice: Fate of Honor Code

Cartoon by Brian Cronin

Cartoon by Brian Cronin

By Jessica Cheung

“We [the SGA] think that having an ‘eliminate it’ option—we don’t think that will pass—but we think it will scare enough people into thinking about it and to vote… Honor codes can and do work in some places but they only work if students buy into the concepts. If a large number of Middlebury students come forward and say ‘this is not what we want’ then it isn’t right for our school and we should move to a different system.” — John Terhune ’17, Student Honor Code Committee member.

If you’ve never voted in an SGA election, you’re going to want to now.

SGA voted for a referendum that will put on the ballot the fate of the honor code. On the ballot, students will be given the option to 1) keep the honor code, 2) revise the honor code or 3) eliminate the honor code in its entirety. When these 3 options hit the SGA polls, majority vote wins—meaning if 50 people voted and 26 voted to eliminate it, Middlebury will remove its honor code. To bring it back, students would have to recreate the honor code, as if from scratch.

Guests: We are joined by Student Honor Committee member John Terhune ’17.  The Honor Code Committee drafted the proposal to put these 3 options up for student vote. And SGA Junior Class Senator Josh Berlowitz ’16, who was the only SGA member to vote against the referendum.

Hosts: Jessica Cheung and Michelle Irei


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