338 Admitted Early for 2020

By Eliza Teach

The College notified 338 new students of their early admission to the Class of 2020 via an online portal on Dec. 5. Mailed letters were sent in the next week. The students were chosen from an overall application pool of 636 applicants. This is an increase from the 280 students offered early admission from the preceding year’s early decision pool of 667 applicants.

320 of the newly accepted students will enroll in the fall of 2016, while 18 were offered admission under the February Admissions Program and will begin in Feb. 2017. Out of the total applicant pool, 74 students were deferred and 221 students were denied. An early decision acceptance is binding.

Representing 49% of the class of 2020, this early decision class hails from 34 states, Washington D.C. and 13 different countries. According to Greg Buckles, Dean of Admissions, 25 percent of those admitted are students of color. This is the highest percentage of students of color admitted through early decision in the College’s history.