Rae Aaron Elected Speaker of SGA Senate


Courtesy of Rae Aaron

Rae Aaron ’19.5 has served on the SGA since February 2016.


During the Sept. 10 meeting of the Student Government Association (SGA), Feb Senator Rae Aaron ’19.5 was elected speaker of the senate. Senator Aaron has served on the SGA since February 2016, her first semester, and hopes to improve both senatorial communication and transparency in her new position.

“Being elected speaker is a huge honor, and I’m really excited for this upcoming year,” Aaron said. “Having spent many hours a week since I came to Middlebury working with senators, students and the administration and staff to improve the Middlebury experience in several ways, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to lead and facilitate discussions in the senate and continue in my role as Feb senator.”

The responsibilities of speaker include organizing and conducting weekly senate meetings by establishing senatorial agendas and maintaining order. In her new role, Aaron hopes to streamline senatorial discussions and incorporate a fair multitude of perspectives both within the senate and throughout campus.

“As Speaker,” Aaron said, “I hope foremost to facilitate efficient dialogue among senators and visitors during SGA meetings, expanding our conversations beyond the senators at the table. Debates are a central component of democratic representation, and I am looking forward to making sure senators’ time is allotted fairly and that we are always looking for solutions from within the SGA and college community.”

Senator Aaron feels particularly optimistic about assuming her new position, and encourages all students to voice their ideas or concerns to the SGA during the coming semester.