Notes From the Desk: Clarifying Our Byline Policy


In last week’s issue of this paper, we published an op-ed entitled, “Faculty Support Wrongly Accused Student.” As the byline indicated, that piece was written and submitted by “Middlebury Faculty for an Inclusive Community,” a coalition of faculty members that formed in the wake of the Charles Murray protests.

Several of our readers have asked why we did not include the names of the aforementioned faculty members in the body or byline of their op-ed. Allow me to explain.

In the weeks and months following the Murray protests, this paper received several op-ed submissions that contained hundreds of coauthors and signatories. Due to spatial limitations, we made the decision to stop printing long lists of names. Instead, we decided to include a URL at the end of every submission that directed readers to an online list of authors and signatories.

At the end of last week’s op-ed by the aforementioned faculty members, a URL was provided. However, it was not explicitly stated that the URL led to a list of names. For this confusion, we apologize. In future op-eds, this will be made more explicit.

If any readers have questions, comments, or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Will DiGravio is the managing editor of this paper.