SGA Passes “Midd Day” Proposal


Aidan Acosta

The SGA has approved Laurie L. Patton's proposal for a "Midd Day."


The Middlebury Student Government Association (SGA) recently passed a proposal to incorporate a new “Midd Day” event into the school calendar. This proposal will enable the President of Middlebury to select one day every academic year to cancel all classes so that students may enjoy the Vermont foliage.

The initial concept for Midd Day was suggested by President Laurie L. Patton, and, having been received enthusiastically by student leaders, the event proposal was passed unanimously by the SGA. Moving forward, President Patton will lead the event’s implementation process and introduce the idea to fellow members of the administration.

“The SGA originally heard the idea of having a Midd Day from President Patton, who was looking for student support to move forward,” Feb senator Rae Aaron ’19.5 said. “It can be hard for Middlebury students to slow down and enjoy the beauty of Vermont during the semester, but Midd Day has the potential to give students and faculty a break from everything to appreciate the people and nature around us.”

Originally referred to as “Mountain Day,” the event was renamed “Midd Day” in order to incorporate the entire Middlebury community as opposed to strictly those who regularly participate in outdoor activities.

“[Community council co-chair] Kyle Wright ’19.5 and [senator] Hannah Pustejovsky ’18 contributed valuable ideas about inclusivity, especially in changing the name from Mountain Day to Midd Day to put the emphasis on community and enjoying the outdoors rather than solely on hiking,” Aaron explained.

Many SGA members hope that the incorporation of a Midd Day will improve students’ well-being amidst difficult courses and large workloads.

“I think this could be the first step in a shift of campus culture surrounding mental health and purposeful time off from school,” senator Hannah Pustejovsky ’18 said. “I am very excited for the prospect of having this day to enjoy Vermont with my friends and hopefully the greater Middlebury community.”