The Best of The Middlebury Campus: October 2017

By Will DiGravio

It’s hard to believe that the month of October is already behind us. As I enter my third November as a member of this paper (my first as managing editor), I’ve come to realize just how easy it is to forget all the great work produced by our staff. Between classes, personal commitments, extracurriculars, and putting out The Campus every Thursday, we don’t often take the time to reflect on some of the great reporting and commentary that appears on our pages each week. That’s why I’ve decided that on the first Friday of each month, I will publish a selection of what I consider to be our paper’s best and most important work from the previous month. It is my hope that our readership will use this monthly post to both rediscover old stories and find new ones they may have missed.

Of course, most months I will probably leave out a piece that should be included. It is important to note that I will be selecting stories more or less from memory, so I apologize in advance if I leave anyone out! I’m open to suggestions both before and after the post is published. Feel free to comment or email me at [email protected] Also, there may be times when stories by me appear in this post, as is the case this month. In those instances, I will have already reached out to another editor(s) to confirm that it belongs. If you disagree, also feel free to email me or comment!

Now, please enjoy some fabulous work, in no particular order, by our team:



Late-Night Alarm Jolts Atwater Residents From Saturday Slumber

By Elizabeth Sawyer

Students, Admin Confer at Open Forum

By Nick Garber and Dom Tanoh

Campus Is Vandalized, With College Labeled Racist

By Will DiGravio

Patton to Attend Free Speech Conference

By Ethan Brady

Barney Frank, John Sununu Discuss Campus Free Speech, Political Climate

By Nick Garber and Will DiGravio

Students Talk Study-Abroad During Trump Era

By Bochu Ding

Discussing Free Speech, Attorney General Implicates Middlebury

By Nick Garber



Student Teachers Connect College and Community

By Rebecca Walker

He’s 13 Years Old and He’s Running For Governor

By Bridget Colliton

Pennies for WomenSafe

By Ally Murphy



Letter: Racial Profiling By Public Safety

By Michael Olinick

Racism and Responsibility

By Laurie Patton

Student Reflects on Surviving Sexual Assault

By David Vargas

For the Culture: Savage

By Josh Claxton

Sharp Left: When the ‘Common Ground’ Is a Swamp

By Tevan Goldberg

I Cover the Waterfront: On the Alt-Weekly

By Will DiGravio



Women Safe Presents “I Rise”

By Sarah Boyle

Cocoon Storytellers Share Pain and Love

By April Qian

Teach-In Examines Recent Hurricanes

By Asher Lantz

Professor Researches Acid Mine Runoff

By Caroline Jaschke



Students Navigate Misconceptions and Challenges of Veganism

By Elizabeth Zhou

Professor Delivers Talk on Trauma and (Post)memory

By Benjy Renton

AFC Hosts Dinner in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

By Haoyang Yu

Annual Security Report Shows Increases in Crime, Sexual Assault

By Sarah Asch

Student Spreads Joy Through Nonprofit Organization

By Eric Masinter



Activism in the NFL: Two Takes on One Issue

By Rob Erickson

Field Hockey Forges Ahead

By Claire Messersmith

Men’s and Women’s Tennis Holds Own in Cambridge

By Nick Nonnenmacher

Men’s Soccer Sinks Trinity

By Riley Smith

A (Re)Defining Moment for the Quidditch Club

By Emily Bustard