Half-Priced Lobby Is Gone, Replaced by Burger Thursdays


The Lobby restaurant will be ending its half-price Wednesday promotion starting this week. The promotion will be replaced with half-price burger Thursdays. Dickie Austin, director of operations of the Vergennes Restaurant Group, the management team that runs the restaurant, cited the need to mix things up and managerial strains as the main reasons for the switch.

The half-price Wednesday promotion had been going on for almost the entire four years the restaurant has been in business before management made the switch this week.

“We’d always intended it to be temporary and let it run until we came up with something else to try,” Austin said. “We’re moving it to Thursday to swap things out and mix things up.”

Austin also cited difficulties in managing the four restaurants under the same management group as a reason for the change. The four restaurants the group operates — the Lobby, the Black Sheep Bistro, the Park Squeeze and the Bearded Frog Bar and Grille — all operate in various locations throughout southern Vermont and focus on locally sourced menus.

“Our sister restaurant Park Squeeze in Vergennes has a half-price Wednesday and it created some management difficulty. We always want a manager to be present in the restaurants during a promotion like this,” Austin said.

Management remains confident that this switch will not significantly affect its customers.

“The most popular items on Wednesdays were burgers anyhow so we decided to make it burger night,” Austin said.