Edgewater Gallery Adds New Location


The new Edgewater Gallery in Stowe, Vt.


STOWE — On Friday, Dec. 8, the Edgewater Gallery will open a new location in Stowe, Vermont. This will be the fourth location for the franchise, which currently operates two locations in Middlebury, Vermont, and one in Bozeman, Montana.

Dalton Hartye, marketing and design manager for Edgewater Galleries, cited the large number of artists exhibiting work in the galleries and the need to alternate peak seasons as the main reason they chose Stowe over Burlington for the new gallery.

“We thought that Stowe would be a better location due to the fact that we could then have alternating peak seasons. The summer and fall in Middlebury is a more popular season. In Stowe it’s the opposite,” Hartye said.

Each location features a different aesthetic. The On the Green location in Middlebury carries relatively larger pieces as its larger size can accommodate them, while the Middlebury Falls location carries smaller works. The Stowe gallery will serve as a combination of artists featured in both the On the Green location and the Middlebury Falls location. It will include wood block prints by Matt Brown, a local artist, and a large sculptural piece by Jonathon Evenger.

“It is definitely on the smaller [side], the smallest of the three in Vermont, but we do have a large amount of work up there, and we are constantly adding new work to that location,” Hartye said.

Edgewater Galleries are teaming up with Lamoile County United Way to host the grand opening of the Stowe location on Dec. 8, from 5 to 7 p.m.