Women’s Squash Maintains Strong Position

By Emily Bian

This past weekend was a busy one for the 15th-ranked Middlebury women’s squash team as they defeated Franklin and Marshall on Saturday with a score of 6–3, but got swept 9–0 against Cornell on Sunday.

Starting off the weekend strong against the 18th-ranked Franklin and Marshall, the Panthers grabbed an early 2–0 advantage with a win at No. 9 from Natasha Lowitt ’20 over Katie Anderson (11–1, 11–2, 11–6) and Virginia Schaus ’21 against Melissa Epstein at No. (11–0, 11–2, 11–6).

However, the Diplomats did not go down easily, as they made the score 2–1 with a victory at No. 3. The Panthers then continued to secure the team victory with four-consecutive triumphs.

Mira Chugh ’20 eased past Liana Zranchev at No. 8 (11–5, 11–3, 11–4), Natalie Madden ’20 defeated Katherine Galambos in the fifth spot (11–6, 12–10, 11–2), and Lucy Bostwick ’18, after dropping a tight first game, clinched the match with a 11–13, 11–4, 11–6, 11–3 win against Lauren Johnston in the No. 2 spot.

Emily Beinkampen ’21 continued the winning streak and gave Middlebury a 6–1 lead, cruising past Grace Smith at No. 7 (11–4, 11–0 and 11–2).

The Diplomats won the last two matches with a four game in the top spot on and a heartbreaker for the Panthers at the No. 4 for the final score of 6–3.

In their final home game of the season, the Middlebury women’s squash dropped a 9–0 game to eighth-ranked Cornell. In the home contest against the Big Red, all victories were three game victories except against Madden and Lowitt. Each of them managed to claim a game before defeat.

Bostwick, captain of the team, unnerved by the loss against Cornell, stayed optimistic.

“This is the last time I will be on a competitive sports team, playing at this high of a level, and having my teammates feel like family,” said Bostwick. “There are a lot of ups and downs and successes and challenges that come with being an athlete on a team like this, but I hope to take them all in-stride, continue to learn from them, and enjoy every aspect of what this final season brings. I love to play the game and I love love love my teammates, so my goal is to focus on those feelings and hopefully success will come as a result.”

The 15th-ranked Panthers return to the court tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 p.m. when they play Wellesley at MIT beginning at 4:30 p.m.

Natalie Madden ’21 (left) and Emily Beinkampen ’21 (right) are a pair of Panthers first-years who have added depth and lead the team in victories with seven apiece (along with Mira Chugh ’20). In their rookie campaigns, Madden and Beinkampen have contributed mostly in the middle and lower half of the ladder. Photos Courtesy of Middlebury Athletic Communications

CSA Women’s Squash Rankings

Nos. 10–16

10. Dartmouth

11. Brown

12. George Washington

13. Virginia

14. Williams


16. Amherst