Community Council Recommendation


The Community Council has been working tirelessly on a number of recommendations that were presented during the tenure of former co-chair of Community Council Kyle Wright.

In response to a number of events that occurred last year, the Community Council has drafted seven action points in support of communities of color on campus. At this stage, the Community Council is in conversation with various cultural organizations to obtain their input before drafting an official recommendation. Once edited and voted on by the council, these points will be given to the president’s office as further guidance for different administrative bodies.

Another initiative underway is the establishment of a committee to review the various elements of residential life on campus. Over the next few years, this project will identify different aspects of residential life on campus that need changing, modifying, or removing based on the review conducted by the new committee, as well as external reviews.

We will also be voting on a recommendation to convert bathrooms in new and renovated public buildings and on campus to be inclusive and accessible for all identities.

As we focus on other changes to be made, the council is working on two new recommendations. The first is regarding current issues with the course registration system. The second is about ordering textbooks for use during the add/drop period and to mitigate issues posed by the online bookstore system.

All members of the college community are invited and encouraged to gather feedback, brainstorm solutions to a problem, and present their own concerns, questions or recommendations. Please feel free to contact us at or attend our weekly meetings on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. in Axinn 104.

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