For the Record: “2012-2017” By Against All Logic


“2012-2017” is the newest album released by Against All Logic, a front for electronic producer and DJ Nicolas Jaar. Why Jaar has chosen this alias this time around is puzzling given the large discography that exists under his own name, but it might have something to do with this record’s unique take on his electronic stylings. As the name suggests, “2012-2017” is only an album in the loosest sense and is more a collection of tracks from over the years that never found a home under Jaar’s standard moniker. The only real commonality between the tracks is a bit of a house-music sensibility, as it is the kind of music that would be played at a Techno Tuesday DJed by someone who wanted to DJ while retaining their hipster credibility.

The result is amazing; Jaar’s house-collage doesn’t really have a consistent creative vision or thematic strand, but its scraps-of-ideas patchwork makes the album relentlessly experimental. There’s a lot of sampling, mostly from older soul, funk and jazz records, forming some ridiculously catchy tracks (the best example being “Know You,” a techno-funk mashup that takes a simple concept and turns it into what might be the best song on the album), as well as boldly sampling “Yeezus” at one point. For every piece of soul-house, there’s a longer, more ambient and traditional take on the genre, concluding with the 10-minute, fairly low-key “Rave on U.” The familiar house tropes of repetition and deep bass mean that despite its lack of cohesion, the entire listening experience feels right from start to finish. It is electronic music that is accessible for people who are not big on electronic stuff and is a breath of fresh air for those who are and is already quite possibly the strongest electronic record of the year.

Score – 9/10

Standout Tracks: “I Never Dream” / “Know You” / “Now U Got Me Hooked”

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For the Record: “2012-2017” By Against All Logic