SGA Weekly: An Introduction

By JIN SOHN, SGA President

Dear MiddKids,

I recognize that the SGA can and should improve on its communications and transparency to the student body. The Campus serves as a unique way to engage with students, and I hope this column can serve as a way to better connect students and the SGA, and to work towards providing what many of you have asked for: more transparency and increased communications beyond emails.

Through this column, I plan to directly provide weekly updates on the most recent Sunday SGA Senate and Cabinet meetings. This column will be an opportunity for students to be informed about conversations and decisions at these meetings, new and ongoing SGA initiatives, and ways for students to get involved.

To begin, here is a quick recap of the most recent Sunday SGA Senate and Cabinet meeting from Mar. 18th:

1. Cabinet: We discussed current and potential opportunities for increased student and Board of Overseer member/Trustee engagement. We also discussed a new resolution presented in the Senate on the “Support of Middlebury Students Against Gun Violence” and missing voices and concerns in this resolution. There are ongoing efforts and collaboration on this initiative that will be brought forth at the next Cabinet and Senate meeting.

2. Senate: We voted on and passed the “Off Campus Food Financial Aid Program” (OFFAP) that will provide all students on financial aid funding for off-campus food expenses. This program will start next year! We also discussed an ongoing topic of club sports funding. A bill, “An Act to Correct the Club Sports Bill 2.0” was brought forth to the Senate and Doug Connelly, Director of Club Sports, who came in to present relevant information and possible proposals. The Senate is looking to create an additional category of Recreational Club Sports to provide opportunities for new sports to still exist and for the SGA to still remain fiscally responsible. This conversation will continue at the upcoming Senate meeting this week.

Some upcoming events to keep in mind:

1. SGA Elections will be held April 19–20th for the 2018–2019 school year. All positions (except for Feb Senators) are up for election.

2. There will be a student-wide referendum on divestment during SGA Elections as well. There will be more information to come. Be sure to vote and make your voices heard!

Please feel free to reach out to or at go/sga with any questions or concerns. And stay connected through the SGA Facebook Page, “Middlebury College SGA,” or Instagram Account, middsga.

SGA Senate meetings are always open to the public and are held from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Coltrane Lounge on Sundays. Agendas for and minutes from each meeting are posted at go/sga.

As the SGA continues to find ways to better communicate with students, I greatly appreciate your continued engagement and your efforts to important causes on our campus. Thank you!

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SGA Weekly: An Introduction