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The Campus editorial board elected Will DiGravio ’19 editor in chief for the upcoming academic year. Nick Garber ’19 and Rebecca Walker ’19 were elected managing editors.

DiGravio, who ran for the position unopposed, began his tenure with the paper as a news writer his first semester and became a news editor the following year. He currently serves as the paper’s managing editor. 

Garber also joined The Campus staff as a news writer and became an editor for the section during the winter term of his sophomore year. Walker joined the paper’s local section during her first semester and became an editor for that section during winter term of that academic year. Both Garber and Walker served as senior editors for their respective sections this past fall before departing for semesters abroad.

This is the first year The Campus has elected two managing editors.

— Sabine Poux



President Laurie L. Patton was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ 238th class of members last week. The academy has honored leaders in a variety of disciplines since its founding in 1780. Once inducted, members are expected to participate in a variety of initiatives and publications managed by the academy. 

Patton was elected for her excellence in academic scholarship and administration. 

“The primary criterion is excellence in one’s field — as an interclass candidate, this means she was chosen for excellence in both religious studies and academic administration,” said Kristin Gustafson, the academy’s director of membership and elections. 

“I’m still trying to absorb the news,” Patton said in a Newsroom article published last week. “I’m deeply honored to be part of such a remarkable group of individuals elected to this year’s class and to join the members who have preceded us in the academy’s history. They will always be my teachers.” 

The class of 2018 includes 213 new members, including author Ta-Nehisi Coates, actor Tom Hanks, 44th president of the United States Barack Obama, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

An induction ceremony will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in October. New members sign a book that includes the signatures of members such as Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Albert Einstein, Robert Frost and Martin Luther King, Jr. 

— Elizabeth Sawyer



In celebration of Staff Appreciation Day, the Student Government Association will sponsor a free dinner for the college’s staff members on April 30 in Atwater dining hall. Staff members are encouraged to bring immediate family to the event, which will be catered by the Waybury Inn.

“Every day, Middlebury students are positively affected by the contribution you make to our campus, and this deserves celebration,” said the SGA in an email to the entire college staff.

The SGA also sent an email to students asking for short thank-you messages for staff members for a video compilation that will be presented at the dinner. The email additionally called for student volunteers to help set-up, serve and clean-up at the event, as well as volunteers to babysit children of staff members.

Students can visit go/thankyoustaff to contribute to the thank-you video compilation. 

— Sabine Poux



The college recently joined the American Talent Initiative, an organization that aims to “attract, enroll, and graduate 50,000 additional high-achieving, low- and moderate-income students at the nation’s top colleges and universities” by 2025, according to their website. 

Institutions associated with ATI strive to boost access to higher education. As a member, Middlebury will take steps to matriculate a larger number of low-income students, which complements existing policies at the college, including need-blind admissions, grants for unpaid summer internships, and First@Midd.

Some of Middlebury’s new strategies will include improving recruitment and transfer processes, prioritizing of need-based aid, developing systems that help raise lower-income students’ graduation rates and increasing the number of applicants and students eligible for Pell Grants.

ATI was made up of 30 member institutions when it formed in 2016, and has grown to include 100. Seventeen states’ flagship universities, the entire Ivy League, and dozens of other private colleges are already members.

— Nicole Pollack

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