New Phone Line Will Save You Time at Health Center


Parton Health Center recently established a new phone line for students.

Parton Health Center has added a triage phone line which will enable students to schedule appointments with nurse practitioners and physicians without having to first go there to be evaluated by a nurse. 

President Laurie L. Patton announced the development in an all-school email on the first day of classes.

Although it has always been possible to talk to a nurse over the phone, a nurse will now be dedicated to the triage phone line.

Mark Peluso, director of health services, said the system should streamline operations, which will likely result in students spending less time at Parton. He hopes the triage line will enable students to get appropriate care as quickly as possible.

Peluso cited the establishment of the phone line as a response to student feedback. 

“Some students expressed frustration with having to visit Parton for a nurse evaluation, only to have to come back later that day to see a nurse practitioner for their complaint,” Peluso said.  “When volume was high, they were scheduled for the next available appointment that day or early the following day.”

The triage system will not change how students interact with Parton when they walk in for an appointment, but is another way for them to receive medical attention. Students can still call to make appointments with nurses or walk in to see a nurse.

Students seemed to welcome the news of the new phone line.

“I can make an appointment and miss fewer classes,” Alyssa Crogan ’20.5 said. 

“That’s great,” Taite Shomo ’20.5 said. “There have been times when I’ve gone in and seen a nurse for something that needs immediate treatment and then had to go to urgent care because I couldn’t see a doctor that day.”

The triage system will be in place only for the health services part of Parton, and will not affect how the counseling department operates. Appointments for counseling can be made online, a feature not available for health services.

To make an appointment through the new triage line, call 802-443-3290.

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