Women’s Soccer Kicks Away the Competition



Cate Wagner ’22 faces off against Bowdoin on Sept. 22.


The Middlebury women’s soccer team finished this past weekend’s doubleheader with another impeccable winning record, bringing their season record to a whopping nine wins — and no losses.

The Panthers walked away from this pair of victories holding the record for highest number of consecutive wins at the beginning of a season in Middlebury women’s soccer program history. Along with this impressive title, the Panthers now occupy the fifth slot in Division III women’s soccer rankings.

Middlebury faced both Colby and New England College on the road on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The sophomore class took the lead against the Colby Mules, generating three of the team’s four goals with shots from Leah Salzman ’21, Eliza Robinson ’21 and Eliza Van Voorhis ’21 (senior Sara DiCenso knocked in the fourth).

Although the Mules were able to sneak in a goal early in the first half, they were ultimately unable to come back from Middlebury’s scoring streak and the game finished at 4-1, in favor of the Panthers.

Goalie Eva Shaw ’20 made her first reappearance on the field against New England College after an injury, starting the first half. Sachi Howson ’21 picked it up in the second half, coming up with five of the team’s six saves for the day.

Sunday’s match was less exciting than the team had hoped, despite the win. New England College lost to Amherst 8-0, a team the Panthers solidly beat 3-1. Yet, Middlebury seemed unable to replicate that energy and pulled off a slim 2-1 win.

“I think we all know we could’ve performed better as a team but having said that, we still came out with a win which we feel good about,” said Sabrina Glaser ’21. “We learned from it and we’re going to work hard as a team to make sure we go out united and perform better next game.”

Hopefully the Panthers will be able to bring up the intensity this Wednesday as they host Castleton University and keep the streak alive.