Self-Care Tips for a Stress-Free Semester


Being a college student can seem like an insurmountable task.  You have papers to write, labs to do, readings to look up on Sparknotes, and midterms that never seem to end.  On top of all of that, you have to also maintain your social life and extracurriculars. Despite everything you have to do, your health is still crucial to your well-being and should be a top priority. As the SGA’s Health and Wellness Committee, our job is to address student mental and physical health on campus. In order to help the Midd community navigate the stresses and difficulties of college life, we’ll be tuning in every other week with tips and articles on living your best life here.

Nowadays, we’re in that tricky part of the semester where all professors think that midterms can occur at any time. Our committee has discussed and would like to propose some tips on how to navigate these stressful weeks:

Helpful Tips

1.  Ask for help 

a. It is never a bad idea to ask for help. If you find that you are struggling in any shape or form, communicate with your teacher, your FYC/RA, your Commons Dean or your CRD.

2.  Utilize go/appt for all of your writing needs!

a. The CTLR is an extremely useful place to receive academic help. You can make appointments with professional writing tutors to help you with your papers.

b. If you find that there aren’t any more appointments available, there are also highly trained peer writing tutors at your disposal! Their schedules can be found at go/ctlr.

3.  Make a Study Plan

a. Divvying out time to study can be daunting. What can be most useful is taking time to write out what you need to accomplish, then making a game plan on how you will  finish each one. Even if you don’t tackle everything on your list, making the effort can be just as rewarding.

4. Celebrate your successes (even the small ones)

a. Treat yo’self! If you finished a 30-page reading, reward yourself. Get a cup of coffee with the $25 on your college ID card. Maybe even grab an extra slice of cake. Take the time to be proud of what you have done, despite the work that may still be left.

Easily Forgotten but Just as Important

1.  Drink water

2.  Don’t skip meals

3.  Get adequate amounts of sleep

4.  Change up your study space!

5.  Remember: You are not your grade

6.  Take breaks while studying

7.  Visit the CTLR for time management

8.  Check with your professor to see if there are any practice tips/ resources, etc.

9. Dress for success! (whether this is a pair of sweatpants or a four piece suit)