Notes from the SGA President: Winter Term Ideas

I hope everyone’s J-Term is going well! Through the snow, negative degrees, and Sabai Sabai being delivered, it has definitely been a memorable one.

I don’t have many updates since J-term is usually the slow part of the year, but I do want to share some ideas I have been thinking about.

1. Events for students who don’t want to drink or go out. Choosing not to go out should not mean a lonely night in—which sometimes it does. If you have any ideas to improve the quantity or quality of events, feel free to reach out!

2. Ways to convince, incentivize, or even beg students to bring back their dining hall dishes. Dining spends so much money on the collection, cleaning, and throwing out of dining hall dishes every semester. That’s money that can improve the quality of foods and even increase the types of foods we have access to in the dining halls.

3. Accessibility in the classroom. Whether it how books are purchased or how students experience lectures, we can continue to make strides in making sure all students have equal access to their education.

The past several months serving as you SGA president has definitely been rewarding, and I can’t wait to see what next semester has to offer! As always, let me know if you have an questions or concerns.