Letter to the Editor: Bravo to Musical Cast


Bravo to the entire cast and crew of Sunday in the Park with George. Having seen the production in New York and as a longtime fan of anything by Stephen Sondheim, I just wanted to say I was blown away by your wonderful performance. 

Sondheim, like a Sorkin screenplay, can be tricky to perform and sometimes needs a few views or listens to fully appreciate the details. The Middlebury students brought great life and clarity and joy to the work.

I was lucky to get a waiting list seat in the very back of the theatre and was able to enjoy how the entire audience was enthralled. You gave a gift to the community. What a wonderful way to start the new year.

Finally, from experience, whether it’s a game or a season, a great paper or thesis, a show or performance, students, if they are lucky, sometimes accomplish things they will remember and be proud of for their entire lives. Sunday in the Park has certainly earned the honor.

With great respect and thanks. 

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Letter to the Editor: Bravo to Musical Cast